December 21, 2013

Golden Midnight Dreams at Anthropologie

One of my best girlfriends introduced me to Anthropologie some time ago already, by giving me porcelain bunny jewelry box as a gift. I've also come across to this store when browsing through your blogs. But I've managed to keep myself away from this amazing shop - until now. I recently subscribed to the Anthropologie Europe's newsletter and got info about their sale. So I've been browsing around a bit and put together a little wishlist. Dear Santa, oh I know it's too late to receive these pretty items on my wishlist for Christmas - but girl can dream can she? ;) And if I can afford I will order them myself. But I know I must save because I'm going for a mini vacation over Christmas with my boyfriend. Yes, no family Christmas for us this year. We're spending Christmas Eve in Helsinki at my little sisters home (but she's coming to our hometown so we have the whole place to ourselves) and on Christmas day we'll hop on a boat which takes us to Stockholm! Our plan isn't to go shopping a lot there, that's not really the point at all - we just want to be together during the holiday. Just us two. And good food, presents and maybe even some wine.. 

New Years Eve ?

December 10, 2013

Everybody Deserves Gifts.
Start with Yourself.

How is everyones "Christmas planning, decorating and finding gifts" -situation? 

Decorations. We have new (thrifted) burgundy curtains on the kitchen window, and some white decorative balls hung over it. Bedroom has white curtain so I placed lilac balls there. I've had these decorations for 6 years - they're adorable and I don't need new decorations every year. I just change the way I portray everything around the home. This time they're window decorations, since we don't have a tree. Actually never had one in my own home. I managed to photograph my cleaned & improved vanity during today's sunny minutes (and I must admit I spent few extra hours in bed today since last night we stayed up until 3 am or so, watching some Haven-episodes on Netflix and had glög & gingerbreads and candy.) And the gifts. I can't share the things I've found just yet - someone might me reading! But I can tell you this: I found tons of stuff for only 50 euros from Fragrance Direct and the package arrived today! It felt like Christmas for me.. Although all of the gifts weren't meant for me, hehe! There was some lipsticks, eye shadows, couple gift sets.. Bargain I say. And everything seems very good quality (Calvin Klein, Astor ..) I strongly recommend you check them out at Seriously, those prices are ridiculous.

But rest of this post isn't very Christmas'y at all.. Except the part that this scent was a really early x-mas present for myself! I was dreaming about it since it came available (last year?), but here it finally is: 
my very own black perfume.

"Lady Gaga's first signature scent is as surprisingly sophisticated 
as the creator herself. Fame is the World's very first black perfume, but the fluid changes 
to transparent when it's in touch with the skin. You can sense the tears of belladonna, 
crushed heart of tiger lily and the white glow of peony's leaves in this floral-fruity scent. 
Don't be afraid to be what you want!"

 Hair flower - Glitter

Have you bought gifts for yourself this year, or are you planning to? Since we have this deal among family members that we're not supposed to buy each other anything for Christmas (except for the small children) I'm not really expecting to get any of my material wishes for Christmas. :) So, I decided to get them, one by one, myself. Maybe not all of them by Christmas, but during the year 2014 and the one after that and.. Slowly and steadily I will build:

my dream wardrobe (I'm missing the perfect pair of jeans, burgundy bag),
bookshelf that's the size of a library (I wish for loads of old books, like in these pics),
make up vanity fit for princess days (I'm using my old desk, which isn't very pretty),
and well edited, enhanced jewelry storage (after all, I work at a jewelry boutique.
So what can you expect - me not buying there anything? No way! :D

December 1, 2013

When the Old is New and the New is Old

There's something really special about vintage.
Those pieces have seen more time and events than I will ever experience, and probably been owned by several other people (even around the World) before our paths finally cross. Most of my own findings are from flea markets, where you can spot gracefully aged and valuable items with a ridiculously inexpensive price tag (not complaining, I love to be able to buy vintage) and the most beautiful ones are most often originated from some older lady's collection. You can really tell it just by looking at the clothes: everything is made out of silk or other higher class materials, and you might not even recognize their labels since those clothing companies most likely ended production long before you were even born.

from tip to toe:
burgundy wool hat - H&M sale
beige infinity scarf - GinaTricot
houndstooth coat - thrifted, vintage
burgundy leather gloves - Lindex
rose top and white knit - gifts from my mum
faux leather leggings - VeroModa
ombré bag - Mohito
black leather boots - thrifted, vintage

The houndstooth -patterned, black & gold buttoned tweed-coat in these outfit photos is
one of my treasures. I found it last year when visiting my sister in Helsinki, at UFF-charity
thrift store for only 4 euros! Even though the label says it's 3 sizes too big for me,
I think it's just perfect - so classy and beautiful, very Chanel'esque and .. so ME. * 

* And by "so ME" I usually just mean that I love something :D

 I really don't have a specific style that I would follow like a slave. That would actually 
be quite pointless and boring, I think. Oh and those leather boots are one of my newest 
thrifted items (also 4 euros). I've been wearing them almost every day since finding them, 
even though they're more like winter boots. And speaking of winter, we got some snow!
And tonight the weather has grown into a snow storm called Oskari.. Brr the wind :(
But here you can see some warmer-toned Autumn photos. x

November 24, 2013

There's a New Girl in Town

I recently got myself a new phone, Samsung Galaxy SIII. And right after that, 
I joined Instagram! I already told about it here before and added a link to my page too, but haven't had a chance to properly introduce my recent photos. So here's the first ones from these past few weeks! You can also see them on my sidebar widget. I hope you enjoy the pics and follow me too! :) I'd love to find more blog friends there. 

My nick is indiebyheart_

Halloween at work

@ movies to see Hunger Games

some Christmas wishes .. :)