January 11, 2013

Diamonds are a Girl's best Friend.
Friends are Girl's Best Diamonds.

Olen ollut tooosi kiltti tyttö. No en. ^^
Mutta eniveis nappasin itselleni pari lisälahjaa joulun jälkeen. 
(Näytinkin jo aiemmin 3,50 maksaneen pikkulaukun joka löytyi Seppälästä 
ja kaksi uutta korua Glitteristä, kurkkaapa täältä.)
Hopeinen, pehmoinen neule jota olen ihastellut jo aikapäivät, oli nyt alessa -70%. 
Ja tämä upea strassi- ja helmikoristeltu clutch oli puoleen hintaan, 
joten kokonaissumma näille kaunokaisille oli kolmisen kymppiä. :)

* * * * *

I've been an awfully good girl. Not. ^^
But nevertheless, got myself couple more gifts after Christmas.
 (I already showed you the clutch that I found for 3,50 from Seppälä 
and two new pieces of jewelry from Glitter, see those here.)
Silvery, soft knit that I've had my eyes on for some time already, was now on sale -70%. 
And this stunning sequin and pearl embellished clutch was now -50%, 
so the total cost of these two beauties was 30 eur. :)

Happy Birthday to my dear little sister, turning 23 today ! Time flies. It feels like it was just yesterday that I cut off huge piece of your hair with "paper scissors" and you had to wear pixie cut for years after that ..(our little tomboy has grown up to be the most gorgeous lady. 

Hyvää synttäripäivää 23v. pikkusisko. Aika lentää. Muistamme molemmat kuin eilisen sen kerran kun leikkasin "paperisaksilla" tukkaasi ja se oli pidettävä polkkana useita vuosia sen jälkeen .. (meidän pikku poikatytöstä on kasvanut mitä upein leidi. )

 my little sister, our friends fluffy cute cat, Ansku and me.

me (as blonde!), sister and Heidi.

Love these ladies. 


  1. Lovely gifts, that clutch is gorgeous!! I hope your sister had a marvellous time, many wishes to her :) x

  2. they look so pretty.. and your blog overall have a very pretty pastel look. love it


  3. Happy Birthday to your sister!
    She have birthday the same day with me.

  4. Wow that clutch is a gift I'd love to give myself too! It's the perfect statement clutch that's humble enough for work functions too :)

  5. That clutch is beautiful! Be so nice to dress up an outfit! xx


  6. oh my gosh these are such beautiful pieces! totally lusting over that clutch, I love the detail on it <333

    Metallic Paws- giveaway up on my blog!

  7. Ihana neule. Mä ostin vastaavan neuletakin viime vuonna :P. Nyt ois varmaan sekin halvempi ;)

  8. Divine purchases, love the embellished clutch and stunning jumper! Happy Birthday to your sister!

  9. lovely gifts, doll! nice clutch!


  10. haha the photos remind me of the shinning too!!! love this sparkly sweater here. gorgeous


  11. What a bargain! Even though I probably wouldn't have bought those things myself I really like them! They look beautiful together :)
    Cute pictures of you and your sister, it isn´t hard to tell that you are related ;)

    Have a great weekend! :)

  12. Aivan ihania kimaltelevia ostoksia oot tehnyt :)

  13. ohhh my gosh so much sparkly goodness! that clutch is BEAUTIFUL, it's so intricate and i love the pattern. and i like the shimmery matierial of your sweater too. ah can i borrow all this pretty please :)

  14. That clutch bag os the cutest!
    Love it!
    Great post!
    Youre writing style is just a joy to read!
    Would love to follow each other on bloglovin & GFC?
    Let me know, and I always follow back!
    Lots of love from London.
    Love G xx


  15. Wow I really love this clutch it's so beautiful! Great gifts


  16. happy birthday to your little sister then :) and how beautiful are your purchases! I saw a similar sweater (also a golden one) at Stockmann today but didn't buy it. I've become such a bad shopper.. I find almost everything pointless or too expensive (even if it's obviously not at all). don't know what's going on with me. I got some things though.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  17. Totally stunning, both items!
    And the pictures below look so cool. ;)


  18. x Thanks girls !
    Birthday wishes received. x

  19. both pieces are amazing! the clutch is so so pretty and the silver jumper looks super comfy :-)

  20. Thanks girls ! I love it too. x
    And the silvery knit is really soft, you can't tell it by the photo.