January 9, 2013

Le Courage Rouge
~ Merci, Kate.

I broke my own limits. The ones that you make for yourself.
And there comes one of my new years resolutions
 #2: Be brave. 
Even though I haven't made any list, but that should
be on top of it - for everyone. Take chances, do something you've never done
 before and try avoid saying "no" so much. I've denied all things red from me,
for as long as I can remember, 'cause I thought it wouldn't suit me or that it's
too ballsy color for a simple girl like me; both in make up and clothing. 

Couple days ago I made my very first adult-age red purchase which is
lipstick designed by Kate Moss for Rimmel London.
The shade I chose is 111, from the red-shelled Matte Collection.

I can say that I love the soft feel it gives to lips and that it covers 
really well. Only downside I noticed was that it smudges a bit if you happen to 
rub it by accident. I haven't tried it for longer time than just for these photos yet, 
or with any product that would keep lip colors in place Any lip stain suggestions?
I did find great tips on how to keep lip color away from your teeth, at abeautyclub.com.

 But what was the most important thought behind this purchase
was to feel really sexy, feminine and powerful with bright red lips.
Even though I didn't have any other make up on, 
I felt immediately more fresh and put-together. Red might be for me after all.

1st and last photo edited with Photoscape old photo layer. 
Just downloaded the newest version of it (free) so decided to try out. :)


  1. That lipstick looks amazing. I don't own a red lipstick yet. But I have it on my 101 Things To Do In 1001 Days list. So far I only wear soft pinks.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  2. Omg!!! i have the same one except I got number 110! So very similar! Mine is more coral-ish though, I should put up a photo soon! Anyway, I completely agree with you 100% about red! I was always so against it because I didn't think it suited me but a few months ago I started feeling bolder and braver, like you are now and I actually really like it now! My flatmate inspired me, she always wears bold red or dark lips for going out! And i agree - feminine, powerful and instantly put together! Changes and entire outfit! Love! <3 XOXO Kasia

    p.s. Saying yes and taking risks is on my new years resolution list as well!!! ;)

  3. Oh it looks absolutely gorgeous on you - I love the red. Makes me think I might put on my red lippie tomorrow...

  4. This shade looks amazing on you! I also love the pictures! kisses chris

  5. I never say no to the things I want. Love those lips.

    / Avy

  6. You look gorgeous...love that colour!! Been meaning to try this lip colour!! Well done you :)) xx

  7. The red lipstick suits you Satu! I don´t think it´s too much at all :) I have a red lipgloss with a similar color, cant´t remember the name.. I think it´s organic! I love it - even if I don´t use it very often I do feel quite feminine when I put it on ;)

    You should definitely use more red I think :)

    Have a great Wednesday!

  8. you look really good in that red lipstick!!

  9. I love the colour on you and you should try wearing more RED!
    it is absolutely for you dear!

  10. Ihana väri! En ymmärrä miksen oo vieläkään oppinut käyttämään mitään huulipunaa. Sulla näyttää kuitenkin superhyvältä!

  11. YES! Obsessed with this Kate lipstick myself. The perfect shade. Cute post!!


    Stop by and visit. I always repay the follow-favour.

  12. First, I wish you good lucknwith your resolution, I'm sure your life will be just the richer for it! :)
    Because -secondly - that bright (brave) red lip stick was totally worth the risk. :) you look great - and your slin looks just so fantastic and clear! Line porcelain! :)


  13. Ah! The color looks so awesome! Love the red lips and it looks so creamy as well!!!
    Do stop over my blog too sometime dear!

  14. I love your header! And that lipstick color is gorgeous on you :)

  15. when it comes to red our history is quite similar. I also used to think red was not meant for me but then just gave it a try (I mean clothes) and loved it. I don't wear it every day of course but at least when I do, I enjoy it. and I'm glad you also discovered red for yourself.
    btw, I don't own any red lippies at the moment, so I know nothing about those. but it's definitely very bold, I agree! :P

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  16. Gorgeous photos! looks like a lovely colour! My fave kate one was a plum colour! xx


  17. that color is fabulous! you look amazing! lovely photos as well, girl! xo, megs


  18. Gorgeous! xx


  19. love the amazing red lipstick. Stunning ^^


  20. Red lipstick is fabulous. It can make you feel all glammed up even if you are just in a tee shirt and jeans. This shade looks great on you!

    P.S. LOVE your new blog header!! :)

  21. Good for you, girl! That shade is great for you :)

    xo Ashley

  22. Ihanasti muokattuja kuvia nuo vanhahtavaksi tehdyt. Muutenkin tulipa keväinen ja tyttömäinen olo näistä kuvista :)
    <3 Nassa

  23. Kiitos kovasti :) Piti heti kokeilla johonkin kuvaan uusia ominaisuuksia, ja ihan hauska lopputuloshan siitä tuli!

    x thanks Asley.