January 5, 2013

Lusting after :
Drops of Gold

I recently made an account to Etsy, but still haven't purchased any of the amazing handcrafted 
or vintage items available there. I want to be able to favorite items and shops, that's why I registered. 
I try to keep myself away from there, but since I get weekly updates to my email I just HAVE TO 
check out the what's hot -things and everything about deer. I just adore them. ^^ 
Here's my most recent find, golden stag ring. It't not even all that pricey for a gold piece, $31.. 
But this girl has way too many jewels, so I'm leaving this beauty for one of you guys. 

I also gathered together some other golden & sparkly listings, perfect for parties.


  1. Your ring i fab. I LOVE your blog header so much! Did you design it yourself?

    Harriet x


  2. Hi... the ring is very different and i like the glasses. Happy new Year!!! Kisses

  3. Isn´t Etsy inspiring? :) I love the items you have shared on your blog. I have bought another pair of earrings.. I might be addicted *laughing* ;)
    And your New Years Eve photos, so charming and cute, it´s always fun to be with girlfriends :)
    I got a new years kiss from my boyfriend to ;)

    Have a lovely weekend Satu :)

  4. Hi dear, I love your new blog header. These are such cute items.Thank you for your visit...have a wonderful weekend!

  5. i love this.. great post. i have a new post up if you get a chance to take a look!


  6. There's so many gorgeous pieces on etsy, I always leave it too long and miss out though! The stag ring is cute! x

  7. Very cute! I love etsy too! It's so addictive! You can find like anything on there! I have my eyes on some pillows for my dorm right now! Thank you so much for visiting my blog, I hope you enjoyed visiting it as much as I enjoyed visiting yours! <3


  8. Those glasses are perfect!! Etsy really is full of (hidden) treasures.

  9. oh, you have a new and improved header! I like it!
    when it comes to gold and golden jewellery then I usually avoid those but I still do have a few golden pieces that indeed are lovely :)
    I even think everything can look nice when you know how to wear it.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  10. the ring is so sweet and it matches your banner perfectly xxx