January 4, 2013

Much Wanted Beauty Picks

I've been thinking about getting myself a new perfume for this new year.
What I really want to find is a fresh, floral or fruity scent that's not over sweet (that would give me 
& others headache) - those are the key features of my favorite kind of fragrances.
But I also want it to be something that I've never tried before, or even might be a bit "ballsy".
I've been circling around local department stores, sniffing bottle after bottle .. but couldn't decide 
which one I want the most. I've had Lady Gaga's perfume in mind, but there's also many other nice 
alternatives. So I headed to Fragrance Direct's online shop next, to do some price comparison 
(since I know they have really great prices!) and while browsing for fragrances I found some other
great, really inexpensive products that I've been needing for my cosmetic bag.
SO I'm ordering those beauty things first, and will make another sniffing-tour
(for YSL Babydoll and Halle Berry's perfume, since I found those online for a really great price
 but haven't ever tried them) and will make up my mind about those later. :)

* I've been shopping there before, you can see the post of my Essie -polish haul etc. here.

I'm writing the pound prices first, since that's the currency that the site uses. 
(I calculated the euro and dollar values at x-rates according to current rates, so they may vary.)


Note: I really recommend buying gift sets ! You'll get the fragrance you want 
but it might be even bigger sized, and a little extra too (like body creams or shower gels 
with a nice, more tender version of the same scent. And after Christmas is the best time to buy these.
(AND I know I wont get any of these this cheap at my local cosmetics departments!)

Gift boxes

YSL Parisienne, gift set £22.99 (28€, $37)
30ml edp spray, 50ml perfumed body lotion

Kate by Kate Moss, gift set £8.99 (11€, $14.47)
30ml edt spray, 150 ml body lotion

Diesel Loverdose, gift set £29.99 (37€, $48)
50ml edp spray, 200ml body lotion

Kylie Minogue Music Box, gift set £8.99 (11€, $14.47)
30ml edt spray, 200ml body lotion

The Lady Gaga - perfume

Lady Gaga Fame, edp 50ml £26.75 (33€, $43)
100ml £32.99 (40,70€, $53)
* I saw that 30ml bottle of this cost 46 euros at one of our local shops !

(Sokoksella pikkupullo oli 46 €! Lahjapakkaukset on siellä -30% alessa,
olikohan 30 vai 50ml pullo, + leikkitatska nyt n. 35€)

* * * * * *


Astor Colour Vision Eyeshadow, £1.50 (1,85€, $2.40)
my fav shades Luxury and Caribbean Nights, ordering !! ^^

Sally Hansen Cream Blush £1.50 (1,85€, $2.40)
multiple shades available

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Foundation, £12.99 (16€, $20)
multiple shades available
I've been wanting to try out some "high-end" beauty products, 
and I've heard great things about Elizabeth Arden. Have you used their products ?

Active Cosmetics The Get Away Bag gift set, £17.99 (22€, $28.95)
12 Eyeshadows, 2 Blushers, 4 Lip Glosses, 3 Lipsticks, 1 Bronzing Powder,
 2 Lip Liner Pencils, 2 Eye Liner Pencils, 1 Mascara & 3 Brush Applicators.

* * * * * *


Toni & Guy Red Brunette Conditioner 250 ml, £2.99 (3,70€, $4.80)

Trevor Sorbie Color Saver X Conditioner, £2.49 (3€, $4)

Or if you need/want something bigger:
Matrix Biolage Colour Care Conditioner 1liter!, £16.99 (20,95€, $27.35)
What a bargain.

* * * * * *

+ Since I'm almost out of face scrub I needed this...

Nivea Visage Young, Smooth It -mild exfoliating scrub, £1.99 (2,45€, $3.20)

* * * * * *
I made the order today and will soon post what I got,
as soon as I've received the package ! :)
* * * * * *


  1. These products sound great! I love perfumes...I have to be careful with them though, as many can give me a headache. I've smelled these at the store & they are quite lovely...I hope you enjoy them :) xx

  2. Haluisin tuon Gagan tuoksun, se oli tosi jännä, kun tuoksuteltiin testeriä Sokoksessa. Sellanen "pimeä". Harmi kun en tajunnut pyytää testeriä kotiin. Ja kosmetiikasta puheenollen täällä olis kosmetiikka-arvontaa käynnissä!

  3. I LOVE the bottle for Lady Gaga's perfume!

  4. Voi apua, mä tarviin kans hajuveden kun oon täällä Oulussa ja kaikki mun hajuvedet on Tre:lla.. ;) (Hyvä syy hankkia joku ;))
    Ne mun luurin kuoret oli alle 2 e löytö ebaysta, postitkin ilmaset :)
    Hyvää Uutta Vuotta ^^
    xo, L

  5. I don't buy any of these big-brand perfumes as there's all sorts of proprietary ingredients in there, that they don't list. For all you know, you're putting formaldehyde on your skin. I prefer to go with smaller batch perfume makers and perfume oils. I'm loving MCMC's "Hunter" right now, but they have a lot of other lovely scents that are considerably less likely to be toxic than the big name brands.

  6. oh, what a coincidence! I have also been looking for a new perfume.. for myself and for my fiance but we gave up on our searches before Christmas so I guess I have to find him one for his birthday :P
    but wow, that's a lot of new beauty products! so I'm definitely looking forward to your next post about all that stuff and how good it is or isn't ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  7. Thanks for the comments girls !
    Thanks to Iris for important information.