January 16, 2013

Priceless Beauty : Order #2 from Fragrance Direct

FIN: Sain Fragrance Directin pakettini ihan muutamissa päivissä, kotiovelle toimitettuna ! Se oli historiassaan toinen, ensimmäisen näet täältä. Tilaukseen lähti siis lopulta kampaamolaatuinen hoitoaine värjätyille hiuksille, peruskasvokuorinta ja kaksi luomiväripalettia. Postikuluineen koko tilaus kustansi 19 euroa. Postitus tosiaan on sen parisen euroa per tuote, mutta kun tavara on niin halpaa niin eipä kummemmin haittaa :) Uutta hajuvettä ei tällä kertaa löytynyt, mutta huiput alennukset olisivat edelleen sivustolla käynnissä.

EN: I got my order from Fragrance Direct in just few days, delivered to our home door ! It was my second order, see the first here. So I eventually ordered hair salon quality conditioner for dyed hair, basic face scrub and two eye shadow palettes. Total cost to these was only 19 euros. Mailing is around two for each product, but that's fine since the prices are ridiculously cheap there :) I didn't find a perfume this time, but there's still some great offers going on ..

Beauty essentials

{ With salons throughout the UK, Trevor Sorbie works on the philosophy of giving each individual beautiful and unique hair. The Trevor Sorbie philosophy has been translated into exciting new home hair care range. These high performance products have been specifically designed to tailor the needs of each individual. From shampoos to hair treatments, Trevor Sorbie has created a hair care range which is ideal for the individual in you.}
Professional Salon X-clusive

Nivea Visage Young 
Smooth it! Mild exfoliating scrub with peach extracts, £1.99

..And something extra for the vain girl 
living inside of me..

{ Margaret Astor has created a high quality range of glamorous cosmetics. 
These will enhance your features with a touch of Old Hollywood elegance and sophistication.}

shades Luxury and Caribbean nights



I haven't tested these beauties / shot make up photos yet, but so far I'm loving them both ! Especially the Caribbean nights' mint tone. And such a cool extra feature, that there's applying instructions.


  1. Those prices really are cheap! I love the eyeshadows. Such gorgeous color.

    <3 Melissa

  2. Hey, Nivea is a German product. The basic creme in the blue tin is the creme of my childhood... everbody here loves it.
    Yesterday I ordered some Avon stuff.... I post will follow next Friday morning.
    Have a good time

  3. Oh, how nice of you to add my shop to your favourites! Thank you :D
    I love the colors you picked on your eyeshadows! That´s my kind of colours ;)

    Have a nice Wednesday Satu :)

  4. I wish all the eyeshadow colors weren't shimmery but they're pretty none the less. Definitely gonna check out the site! Thanks!

    xo Ashley

  5. Wow, I really like the mint tone of Carribean Nights too, it looks really unusual! The products were such a bargain, I hope that you enjoy them :) xx

    Almost Delightful

  6. The eyeshadows are pretty. I really like Nivea products.

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  7. Hyvä tietää tuokin putiikki jos joskus on kauneustavarat hukassa :)

  8. I have noticed that quite many eye shadows include those instructions ;) for example Oriflame, wet n wild..
    anyway, I'm definitely looking forward to reading your opinions about all those products because well, yeah, all of them look quite tempting, hehe. and you're right, the mint shade is adorable :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me