February 7, 2013

For the home & the Love

For all you fellow Scandinavians (sorry not Icelandic) - here's your chance to get some amazing items with huge discounts ! Join Campadre today and get your your hands on these home & fashion goodies plus loads more, from the current campaigns. To join: Swedish here, Norwegian here, Danish here

..ja suomalaiset voivat liittyä täällä ! ^^

  Turiform open until 8th Feb (08:00 am)
(those towels come in packages of 6 and cost only 27€ - bargain!)

:: more below ::

I also thought that these bed linens would look great ..

 It looks like a heart in the snow, aww.

Esprit Steel jewelry, open until 7th Feb (08:00 am)
These would be on my wishlist.

Opening on Feb. 6, APPLE ACCESSORIES ! 
I might have to look what items they have then - for my iPhone-owning man. ^^


  1. gosh, why isn't Estonia in the list?! :P I love pretty much everything you've shared here but especially that snow heart and those single pillows. I would like to have them all :)
    btw, that feather thingy.. I have earrings like those. very similar, maybe slightly darker.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  2. The hearty bed-clothes (?) are realy "cool". And your cake.... grummm ... I won't get hungry, no, I won't get hungra, nonono.... I won't get hungry NOW. :-]
    Have a good time.