February 8, 2013

Home Cooked Meals

Warning, picture heavy! ^^

Chicken nuggets, avocado, cherry tomatoes and mozzarella salad


Salmon á la Samuli ♥

Minced meat and veggies

Salad with basil, grated carrots, potatoes and steak

Pasta bolognese and salad

Another steak, salad, potatoes and carrots

Avocado, grape, kiwi, mozzarella, cucumber and frisée salad

with Potatoes and chicken

Once when my little brother was staying over, we made
Hamburgers !

This is kinda like recipe by Jamie Oliver. I saw him cook chicken breast rolled inside serrano ham and cheese inside, but I used bacon and cream cheese. Plus salad and some pasta.

Let's call it Pollo con Queso y Jamón ! :D

BBQ-chicken pasta
with paprika, corn and garlic

Deer roast with onion, carrots and potatoes

Pork and veggies

Then two dinners at mum's place

Shrimp salad

Blueberry pie & coffee



  1. Apua kuinka makoisia kuvia... nälkähän tässä tulee!

  2. Wow very cool post! Everything looks so delicious! happy weekend:) kisses chris

  3. tulin nopsaa kurkkimaan tänne ennenkun yritän mennä nukkumaan... virhe. nyt on kauhea nälkä :D

  4. oh my gosh!! right now I'm glad I just ate! otherwise I would probably just go crazy and try to get something inside my computer screen, from your plate, haha. you two make the coolest meals, honestly! and most of those meals are something I and my fiance also eat, though my meat portions are tiny because I don't dig meat very much (I love chicken and salmon though!). my fiance eats as much as some families with four members, btw :D it's crazy!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  5. Everything looks delicious ! 8D

    xo ,
    Ana Catalarrana

  6. Apua miten hyvännäköistä! Mun on nyt pakko saada jotain tällästä ruokaa! :D

  7. Thank you all for the comments !
    Kiitos ja anteeksi tytöt hehhe :P

  8. Kaikki näyttää niin namilta :)