February 3, 2013

Homely Nights & Movie Times

I'm not the kind of girl who parties all weekend, every week. Nope, I enjoy staying home alone or with my man, watching movies and eating something gooood.. So here's some nights I've "captured on film" during past few months : we don't eat like this everyday, so don't get shocked ! :p We didn't even have TV at some point, so watched movies from computer.

Last night we did something different; watched boxing and NHL, had some popcorn and glass of cider with Samuli. And tonight I'm watching American Idol (Finland is seeing the Louisiana -episode today), maybe some Pretty Little Liars online that I've missed, Once upon a time -series on TV ..And just RELAX.

This is my day off. Will reply to all the comments and emails tomorrow.. x Have a lovely Sunday. (And all my Asian & Australian etc. readers, Happy Monday already I guess :)

blueberry and apple pie and ice cream. Samuli's treat :D Where does all that go, he's so skinny!

I had some pretzels and crisps, Samuli had a bun and croissant .. first.. :D
We watched some horror movie, as you can tell by the "Donnie Darko'ish" bunny there.

cranberry long drink and hard candy (salty liquorice/licorice, which I love!)

old Kicks-cosmetics boutique magazine, salty rice etc. snacks.
(Punnitse ja Säästä)

Homemade pizza and pretty cool, anarchistic anime movie.

some delicious chicken wings, and sweet treat afterwards. 
{ No I feel like going to market and get some of those candies..}

some red wine... and cheesy note for Samuli.


  1. Mulla on huomenna viikon ainoa herkkupäivä! Voit varmaan arvata, että odotan sitä aikas paljon... ;) Mielessä on jo Makuunin irttarit, limppari ja jotain keksiä tai pientä leivosta. Huomenna ei todellakaan kaloreja lasketa! :D

  2. Nam nam! Kuulostaa äärettömän hyvältä ^^ Mulla ei ole täällä tänään yhtään herkkuja, voin vain muistella näiden kuvien kautta vanhoja herkkuiltoja ^^

    Kiitos kommentista Milla x

  3. Näyttää tutulta, meillä harrastetaan samaa. Ben&Jerry on hyvää :)

  4. Herkkuja! Itse vietän juuri sunnuntain dagen efteriä kera marcarpone jätskin ja pitsan. Tuo Pompoko on kyllä jollain tasolla yksi häiriintyneimmistä elokuvista jonka olen nähnyt :)

    Aika söpö viesti... :)

  5. I prefer staying in to going out and partying all weekend too. Those activities you described are all ones my bf and I do as well!

    xo, alison*elle

  6. This sounds like the best weekend in at home. I don't tend to go out too often, just on occasion for a friends birthday or that type of thing - I am such a homebody. Your pizza looks amazing by the way!

  7. Sometimes all I want to do is stay home, eat junk food and watch movies. Sounds like a great plan for a Sunday night. :)

  8. I want a night in like this <3

    Trendy Teal

  9. I haven't had any Ben & Jerry's ice cream since they obviously don't sell it in my hometown but the one you two ate sounds like a super yummy one and I would love to try it :P oh and those movie nights are really cool! we just had one on Saturday, with self-made chips :P

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  10. my favorite ice cream! love the little polar bear!! yummy!

    xoxo milla