February 4, 2013

Planner for Planning the 2o13

Calendar for 2o13

Calendar for 2o13 by indiebyheart on Polyvore

{Yayy I made it, my very first Polyvore set ! x I'm just learning, but loving it already.}

I know it's February, but I still don't have a pocket calendar or planner! I do use my cellphone for reminding me of events, but I'd love to be able to actually write down all kinds of arrangements and work shifts, parties and special occasions etc. And since I don't write a diary - if this semi-personal blog is not included - then calendar would be a great way to remember some of the little events of past year. I've always got rid of my old calendars, and I kind of regret that now. {But I have saved couple of my old diaries, where I tell all sorts of boy-stories that I now feel so embarrassed of.. Except the ones about Samuli, as my unreachable "just a friend"- kind of friend. Yep we had a history before this current situation - of me desperately loving him without telling about it, then losing contact completely and then after 5 years meeting again randomly & slowly falling in love. Long story short, in case you didn't know this about us already.:}


  1. Great set! I'm following you on Poly! Kisses

  2. oh I remember I used to have a diary but after a while I just got rid of everything I had written there because I felt like it was SUPER stupid. I don't regret that though :)
    right now I have a tiny pink calendar where I write down work stuff, about my fave tv shows, manicure times etc :P
    btw, what a lovely story about you two. thanks for reminding it, hehe :) and good luck with the searches of your perfect planner!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  3. You read my mind, I'm currently looking for a planner! I usually wait a bit into the year so that I can get them on sale, haha.

  4. Love those, I have one that I'm still to use, haha. I hope you find one that suits, really need to start using mine now :) xx

  5. Oih, miten ihania kalentereita.. Tykkään etenkin tuosta missä on tuo Eiffel-torni :-)

  6. Cute! I keep a planner and don't know where I'd be without it :)

  7. Tosi kivan näköisiä nuo kalenterit :)

  8. Beautiful planners! And I like your blog design :)

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I'm following you via GFC now, hope you follow back, dear :)

    Have a wonderful day!


  9. Your first set is cool! I love Polyvore too!
    Love, Coco

  10. Thanks for the comments ! Kiitos kommenteista !
    Will get back to you asap. x