March 23, 2013

Art Deco earrings + Snake pendant + Mint Moustache ring from Glitter

It's been too long since showcasing my outfits, if you don't count the ones I've first made for Glitter's blog and showed them also here afterwards. Here's one of my recent favourites: using light denim, silver and black&white pieces to create a casual look with a bit of sparkle and edgy-ness. And I seem to have two favourite hair styles as well: I always use either a high, big bun or these kind of flowy curls (if manage to make them properly, it takes some time. :)

I hope you know by now that I don't take myself too seriously. I'm still quite a kid, at 26. :D

All jewelry from Glitter
(Art Deco -earrings on -75% sale,
new minty moustache ring,
old snake necklace.)

New hat and jeans (thrifted) H&M
top Gina Tricot (old)
vest bought from friend, O.N.L.Y ?

Also thanks to all of you who entered my recent giveaway with NINJ&NINJ-etsy shop!
I hope you check out the shop asap, they sell some of the most quirky and cute prints and stuff,
and I'm so proud to be able to spread some word about these American girls. x

The winner chosen by is lovely brit girl Sophie, 
and you should all go visit her adorable blog Punky Pugs!

Random thought:
Isn't it cool how this blog world joins people from thousands of miles apart ..
Me coming from Finland with UK and USA. :) Cute.


  1. So pretty! Love your cool jewelry and hat :)

    Trendy Teal

  2. I just love your outfit-posts! I feel that the pictures tell a story, they are so dreamy and inspiring :)
    Oh, and the midsummer post, it brought back some dear memories for me as well! I am so tired of wearing layers of clothes right now, I am looking forward to picnics and walking barefoot in the grass :)

    Have a great Easter Satu!

  3. No you haven't done an outfit post for a while! I love the accessories, the hat is very sweet x

  4. Cute hat and I love the jewellery :)

  5. Love the mustache ring!!!!! Cute pics, Come see my new post :)

    xo Emma

  6. Aaaaww toi sneikki on ihan paras <3 Paita on kans ihqu :)

  7. hehe you are too cute! love the angel wings in the background :)

    Metallic Paws

  8. These are fun pictures... it looks like you have wings!! Can you fly?? ;)

  9. Thank you all, I truly appreciate every thing you've said x

    Hehe thanks Erica! Nope, I wish I could.. ^^

  10. that outfit is SO "you"! I really-really like it a lot :) that hat, your vest, all those cool accessories. I think I have already mentioned how awesome that snake necklace is but now I have to add those statement earrings are spectacular as well!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  11. you are too cute! Your personality comes through in your pics :) Love that t-shirt, I want one like that for spring!