March 22, 2013

Oh how I miss you, sweet summer wine

The NINJ&NINJ-giveaway will end today at midnight and tomorrow morning 
I will randomly select the winner. There's still time xx

Next some dreaming and memories. :) It's been about nine months,
and there's still 3 more until the next one. Midsummer.
 Can't wait for you to arrive already !

Row #1 sausages
#2 me & Samuli
#3 half of mango and strawberry-lime cheesecake, which I made

#1 wild strawberries
#2 if I remember correctly, my sister and her kindergarten-aged son caught these beasts! :D

me & tropical fruit cider.


  1. ÄÄÄ olispa kesä! Tuli mullekki kesäikävä noista kuvista :)

  2. Oi, ihana kesäfiilis.. tuli hirveä ikävä kesäistä Mikkeliä.

  3. Ei tähän voi muuta sanoa, kuin: Kesä tule jo!! :)

  4. Great summery photos! I can't wait for it to get here too :)

    Trendy Teal

  5. Nice top!It's starting to get colder here in australia :( x

  6. such amazing photos!
    look so fun

    happy weekend
    style frontier

  7. I like that pink tee you're wearing here. actually reminds me of an orange one I thrifted a while ago and I should finally start wearing it!
    anyway, I don't care about Midsummer very much but I sure care about summer and am often dreaming about it. less than 3 months left until my first vacation btw (right now seems like forever but I'm sure it's going to pass quickly in reality :)
    + enjoy your weekend, dear!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  8. Thank you all xx
    Kiitos tytyt kommenteista :) Niinpä ! Ei tätä lunta ja pakkasta enää jaksa erkkikään!