March 9, 2013


This weekend I'm staying at hotel in Savonlinna (where my love works as a DJ), and that's why I'm posting something related to Samuli - it's something really really old, but unseen stuff. (and last night I just stayed in the hotel room with sweet treats and TV, so nothing special to talk you about so far :)
Yeap so Samuli and his friend had a 1 week vacation already few months back !
I completely forgot to publish these photos at the time, woopsie. :)

They went to Netherlands, stayed in Groeningen, and here's what he brought home:

coffee, tea, charms, chocolate.

ying yang and heart charms were
from him, all others older (cross gift from my mum & sister, and others from Glitter)

Here's something more that I got, from Samuli's mum. Aren't they both just precious people.. The dish cloth says "I'm every mother-in-laws wish for a daughter-in-law".


  1. The presents look very sweet. Especially the charms - the ying-and-yang one is way cooooool! :)

    I didn't know Leonidas pralinés were so well-known all over the globe! I have to admit that I'm absolutely not fond of them, they taste too sweet and like old chocolates... :( But maybe I just got the wrong ones?

    Wish you all the best, have fun at the hotel. ;)


  2. What sweet items! Love that last photo ;)

    Trendy Teal

  3. I'm so happy to see you two are doing great again :) oh and foreign gifts are always so exciting to receive! I especially like that tea with a cute bear picture. so cool! is it good too? :P

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  4. Great gifts :) you always feel happy when you get tea and chocolate!

  5. I really like these charms. Yesterday we made a radio show again. I enjoyed it very much. I love to bing music to the people. Have a good time, Sunny

  6. Awesome pieces! I love the bracelet:)