April 27, 2013

Silver Lines Playbook

.. a bit misleading yet accurate title. Only about nails, not the book or movie.

Nude & Platinum Nails 

with Essie "A Crewed Interest" and Wet n Wild (Fergie-collection) "Going Platinum"

April 26, 2013

The old and The Used

YEAP, The Used had a gig here in Finland. 5 months ago. Some of my gig photos here - at last. :D Obviously my camera isn't any good for these kind of situations, but the main point was the experience and music after all. I went with my little sister, and had a BLAST!
Warm up group..
Lower Than Atlantis

 And the real deal begins....



After the gig we went to another bar for some delicious drinks.

April 1, 2013

Gifted : the adorable Deborah

My birthday was in March 13, but the celebrations continued for weeks. I had chinese food with my best friend (two times actually), had dinner at my mum's, visited my sister's family and had sushi (pictures coming up asap:) and I also received nice little gifts. Last week I got a sweet package from UK - sent by Deborah Ballinger. I've fallen in head over my leather boots in love with her illustrations and items she's selling on etsy, and I've featured her shop here before
(post "Woodland Critters and other DB Illustrations")

Got a sweet Birhtday card and all these lovely little treats ! :)

set of temporary tattoos

Pocket mirror


Synttärini olivat maaliskuun 13, mutta juhlinnat jatkuivat viikkoja. Söin kiinalaista (itseasiassa kaksi kertaa) parhaan ystäväni kanssa, söin illallista äidin luona, kävin siskon perheen luona ja syötiin sushia (kuvia mahd.pian:) ja sain myös kivoja lahjoja. Viime viikolla sain vielä briteistäkin postia - Deborah Ballingerilta. Olen ihan rakastunut hänen piirroksiinsa ja etsyssä myytäviin tuotteisiin, ja olenkin aiemmin kertonut hänestä täällä (tässä "Woodland Critters and other DB Illustrations"-postauksessa)