April 7, 2013

Crystal Clear

Thanks for all the comments I've got recently, you're awesome ! 
BIG news, I've managed to edit my comment box and can finally answer to you straight under my own posts. So if you ask something, I'll be answering here and not necessarily to your blog at all :) But I'll always pay back the visit, so that wont change. For this to happen I had to start editing my blog from scratch, completely blank canvas - but it was all worth it since now I can respond more easily. 
But let's get down to the actual business now, shall we. 

// Kiitos kaikista kommenteista joita olen viime aikoina saanut, olette huippuja !
ISOJA uutisia, olen saanut editoitua kommenttiboxini vihdoin sellaiseksi että pystyn vastaamaan suoraan omiin postauksiini. Joten jos kysytte jotain, vastailen täällä enkä välttämättä blogeihinne :) Mutta vierailen aina takaisin, se ei muutu mihinkään. Jotta sain tämän muutoksen aikaan oli minun aloitettava blogin muokkaus ihan alkutekijöistään, täysin puhtaalta pohjalta - mutta kaikki oli sen vaivan arvoista koska nyt voin vastata teille helpommin. Mutta mennäänpä sitten itse asiaan. (En noita allaolevia pikkujuttuja enää jaksa suomentaa, flunssa iski ja viisaudenhampaat kiusaavat joten nyt peiton alle)

*** *** ***
Not only I've found some really gorgeous golden jewelry (click to see the post) lately, 
but also some cool crystal & silver ones. 

new ponytail/hair accessory from Lindex.

snake necklace from Glitter (sale)

crystal necklaces from Glitter (sale)

Which one you prefer, silver or gold?
I used to think gold is just for overly glamorous and fancy people, but since being all grown up 
I've fallen for it as well. But silver is usually my number one choice when it comes to metal shades.


  1. Wow. I really like your snake necklace. The right statement in the year of the snake. Have a good time.

    1. That's true! Now I actually have two snake pendants :)

      Thanks you too!

  2. Soooo gorgeous! I especially love the snake one:)

    1. Thanks Joyce! :) I love it too.. but my favourites are all of those crystals ;)

  3. You always have the best gems girl.
    Also, hope you feel better soon! The flu is no fun :/

    Trendy Teal

    1. Thanks Linda ♥ Couple days at home and I hope I'll be ready to rock again :))

      Aww I think I do have, hehehe.

  4. Those necklaces are amazing !
    Your blog is really lovely !

    1. Thanks Manon! :) Thanks for the compliment. I'll visit your blog too.
      Yep they are, love them.

  5. I love these so much :)

  6. Muy bonito el coletero!!

  7. I really like being able to respond to comments directly in the post. Makes things so much easier! I'm LOVING the crystal necklaces. I used to be a silver only girl, but now I've been adding touches of gold to my collection too!

    1. Totally, it's so handy! It took me some effort to make this happen but it's REALLY nice now :) ..I only wish I could center this box..

      Those crystal necklaces are my nr1 pieces at the moment. They're real too! ^^