June 25, 2013

Chips of Life

So often I find these random shots from my folders, taken here and there, and they've never made it as a full blog post. I guess it's equally nice, or perhaps even better to share them all at once. I truly just do not have the time or energy to update about every little thing I do - and not even share daily all of those photos I take - because life is just too full of events and all kind of.. stuff! But hey, that's life - we're not supposed to be able to share everything. Here's some chips and bits of my life lately.

Good Morning!

Samuli made us breakfast. ♥  
And the other day frying pan smiled at me. Or to be exact, coconut oil did.

Trip to Ikea
with my mum, big (step)sister and nephew ♥


Shrimp pasta at Gastropub Eino-restaurant with my little sister and mum

Homemade nacho salad with taco-flavored chicken, feta, lettuce, cucumber and cherry tomatoes.

2 past lunch hours at work: chicken bagel and ice cream (little treat for myself on a hot day!) at office, 
2nd was at Gastropub Eino-restaurant with the boss. :) We had chicken and chips.
(mmm it was okay!)

 Earlier this spring ..

 Coffee, pear lemonade and meat pie with Samuli, at local (market place) outdoor café.

First ice cream of this summer/spring was store-bought. Still brought a little smile
to my face. This bird scarf is from Glitter, one of my faves!

And as you can see, this was taken before the ground was green (in April), at our friends' place. We suddenly had the idea of clearing out all the fallen leaves after Winter. :D It was fun actually!

  after working outdoors we had some tea and chocolate waffle cookies.

Feelings of happiness thanks to cute pair of new heels
(Spirit Store sale 9€)

Random evening with adorable pink sky

Seen on screens

You know that feeling when you share a link, posted by one of your idols, and after a while see post like this on the wall of your Facebook .. I had a mini heart attack actually! :D

Screen of my friends car, random Finnish song.
Oh well, here's the music video:


  1. Love the pan with the smily face :)) I do that or my husband puts a heart in it for me :))) Gorgeous pictures and music :)) Hope you have a great day xx

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