July 3, 2013

Wings of Golden & Pink Dreams, and Feathers and Flowers and all the Other Things

I'm home. Before I start going through the 270 photos of my trip to Riga, I'm publishing some beautiful inspirational photos, with a sentimental and warm feel, for you all to admire as well. My holiday is about to end in few days, so I want to spend it with my family and Samuli - rather than in front of a computer screen.Thank you for all the support and comments during my vacation (I might stop by to reply to you, if I find time) - I will be back very soon. xx

via Spell Designs facebook page, source http://www.bahgsujewels.com/


  1. I cant wait to see the photos from you holiday, hope you had a great time =)

    Corinne x

  2. Ihania viimeisiä lomapäivä, nauti. Koneella ehtii istumaan sitten joskus myöhemminkin :)

  3. Oikein hyvää loppulomaa :) Täällä odotellaan lomakuvia!

  4. Take your time . . . but DO send us some pics from your trip.
    Nice post.

  5. Very pretty and inspiring pictures! I love the atmosphere on them - peaceful, deep, and calming. :) The macarons, for instance, are totally delicious, and now my sweet tooth is bother me. :P The bed, though, is most appealing to me right now, as I am awfully tired... ;)

    I've never been to Riga, and I have to admit that I haven't heard much of it before (being the geography loser which I am, I only now that Riga is the capital of a country in Eastern Europe. I just had to google it to find out it's in Latvia... Oh my!). But I'm really looking forward to seeing your pics. :) I'm always happy to enlarge my knowledge!

    Anyways, you HAVE to spend the rest of your holiday enjoying time with family and friends now, as these are the most important things in life. ;)
    You have the right priorities! :)

    Much love

  6. Inspirational pictures! I'm glad you had a good holiday and that you're enjoying your last days! :)

  7. Gorgeous inspiring photos! i love that wing ring <3

    Trendy Teal

  8. Those macaroons... YUM! Cant wait to see your photos!


  9. it sure was such a beautiful and calm selection of photos. but you always manage to find something like that, something that really is inspirational and brings out emotions.
    enjoy the last days of your vacation, dear Satu :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  10. Gorgeous set of photos! I'm in love with the finger wings!

    Leanne x

  11. inspiring photos! how are you my love?!

  12. Love all the photos, especially the one of the cozy bedroom!

    Can't wait to see your vacation photos!