October 9, 2013

Think it Pink

I've got some beauty treats to show you today! This couldn't be any better timing, 
considering it's October "Breast Cancer Awareness Month", and the signature color is pink.

Info: Finnish Roosa nauha kampanja,"Rose ribbon campaign" collects funds for 
breast cancer research, to help breast cancer patients and their families and raise awareness 
of breast cancer prevention options. Last Friday all of my workplace (Glitter) employees around 
Finland dressed in pink, and we had bouquet of pink roses on the table to show our support. 
I've also got rose ribbon (from Avon) . I should wear it especially during this month.
This disease isn't a close topic to me personally *, but it affects on more lives than we think. 
About 5000 women gets sick and over 850 dies every year - and that's just in my country!
(*But both of my grandmothers and grandfather have past away because of different cancer types.) 

This is a very simple way of showing support and raise awareness: wear pink!

I bought these Latvian Dzintary-cosmetics while I was visiting Riga this summer. 
I fell in love with really bright pink shade, and just had to have this lip colour! 
I also found nail polish in same shade from some drugstore's beauty section.
 All of these products were ridiculously cheap, something like 2 euros piece :)

And now the trio is finally full !
My friend Heidi gave me Joe Blasco blush in bright pink shade the other day
- you just got to LOVE it. (And I love you H, too x :)

Sidenote: To show my gratitude I offered her a nice sushi meal at local restaurant Holvi.
It's a really lovely place, if you ever visit Finland / Mikkeli. It was also a "goodbye meal" 
since she moved out of town a bit after that. But I'll be visiting her in Helsinki asap. :)
I didn't take camera with me - so sorry, no blurry cellphone photos here! ;) 
You all know what sushi looks like right, hehe xx

The light one on green shell is "Sport lip balm". I might give it as a gift to my boyfriend.
I've been sparing it, keep it hidden since I gave him so many souvenirs from Riga already
.. And I know he wont be reading this post, so I guess there's no harm in telling this to you! :D


  1. That packaging of the lipstick is so cute. Definitely awesome that you are spreading the word to raise awareness and wear pink in october! And every girl basically has something pink she could wear. Love that!


    1. Thanks Marija! I totally agree :) And those lipsticks do also look really cute, pretty shells.

  2. Beautiful colors! I love how bright they are, or at least they look bright. Ill have to give it a try.


    1. Thanks for the comment Anngelik! They pink ones are REALLY bright :))

  3. nice post..!!!!!! ;)
    come to find me on my fitness blog...kisss and thanks a lot

    1. Thanks Giorgos, must let my bf know about your site !

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Carolyn x I think so too! ^^

  5. I love pink this season, kind of funny since I am not really a "pink girl" usually :)
    Thank you for your sweet comment, it made me smile og a rainly Tuesday morning!


    1. Thanks Signe - dear! ^^
      I'm not a pink girl either, but these beauty items stole my heart.
      You're welcome <3

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you! :) Absolutely. Although best thing would be to donate some actual money.. :)

  7. Replies
    1. Thank you Alessia! I think so too :) They're really pretty x

  8. You are so cute to takl about this event,I am not really a "pink girl" but for this mouth Let's wear pink, for us, for women.
    Kiss Clo


    1. Thank you, Clo. It's an important cause.. We should all also donate xx

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    1. Thanks Mounia! :) I do think so x

  10. wow, that's a lot of pink! but like you said, it's the right time to share all that pink. and I'm definitely curious about those lippies.. how do they look like on you, how long will they last and so on. oh and the nail polish looks fierce! maybe you should create this all pink makeup with pink nails and stuff, to support the whole thing in a nice way :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

    1. Heh, sure is a lot of pink! But not all of these on the face at the same time I guess .. ;)
      I must try these more to give any review, but I suck at beauty photos of myself so .. Must see if it happens. Thank you for the excellent idea though x

  11. Voi miten suloisia tuotteita! ♥ Ja toi on mun mielestä ihan hyvä tapa tukea rintasyöpäkuukautta kun käyttää jotain pinkkiä/vaaleanpunaista ;)

    1. Kiitos Johanna! :) Nuo on niin syötävän söpöjä kyllä ^^
      Ja aivan, jos ei ole esim. varaa lahjoittaa rahaa keräyksiin tms. niin tukee asiaa muutoin.

  12. SO LOVELY make up:) and thanks for your cute coment on my blog.

    Check out my new post...amazing bathroom inspiration:)

    have a fab day dear

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - inredning it's, Swedish for decor :)

    1. Thanks Maria! :) Will visit asap x