October 11, 2013

Yesterday & a Little Beauty Haul

Beauty Haul

I made my very first eyes lips face aka e.l.f order yesterday! 
I just got this random idea into my head after looking at too many computer options for one day, 
and decided to visit eyeslipsface.co.uk instead..

Hooray for this!! xx
...and was I lucky or not, since they had -50% sale on everything! There's this special sale/code that's valid for only 5 hours or so, and I was one of the lucky ones who saw the deal and took advantage of it. 
(Code 5010131  valid from 5:30pm BST 11/10/2013 until 9:30pm BST 11/10/2013. 
Minimum spend £20/24€ excluding shipping and before the code is applied.)
I got some myself beauty essentials (like brushes and powder) plus also something completely new
to try out (like the plumping lip gloss, I've never tried those before!) There's really no need to feel bad
if you didn't see the sale since their beauty products are really affordable anyways. :)
But I'm really really glad I got my first e.l.f. order ever with this ridiculously cheap cost.

Here's what I ordered:

So after the discount and £3.95 standard delivery, my total "haul" cost about £15 / 18 euros. 
* happy happy face *
Have you ever ordered from e.l.f ? (There's also U.S , Australian and many 
other sites, if any of those suit with your location better than this UK store.)

Then about today, it's been a lot better. I met my dear friend Ansku and her dog Bruno,
truly adorable little guy. We had some coffee, cupcakes and I gave her some of my jewelry etc.
that I'm selling and giving away. :) I still have a lot to do, in order to achieve some kind of
"serenity" into my closet and jewelry boxes. I only want to own the things I really want & need.
Then we watched 1 episode of Dexter with Samuli, after which he left to "business trip"
(since he works as a DJ outside our home town - that's sort of a business trip isn't it :)
Tomorrow I'll see also my other dear girlfriend Heidi and we'll see what happens.
Have a happy weekend! x


Well, my day off from work didn't turn out to be exactly the kind I hoped for when I woke up.
I meant to do this huge "Autumn clean", going through all the closets and such, but instead
I spent most of the day looking at the computer screen. Unhealthy, I know - and not so socially active
or fun either. I guess we did have a glimpse of sunshine at some point but I was too focused on trying to
find myself new laptop and browsing through some cameras. Yeah, that's why I've been on computer
almost the whole day, plus I've been reading some blogs and checked email etc. "necessary" stuff. :)
So, about the camera. I'm not completely satisfied with the one I am using at the moment
(Samsung WB700, nothing fancy) since I'd love more than anything to have optical viewfinder!
Photo quality is actually ok, but only when amount of natural light is great. In any other conditions
I get bunch of mush. And the laptop then, it is about to fail after 4 years of semi-hard work
I've put it through; photo editing, music, blogging, etc. the regular stuff. That's actually two years more
than what the warranty promised, so I guess that's something to be thankful of. I've been thinking about
Fujifilm or Olympus camera, and Samsung laptops. And my really foolish and vain hope for the laptop
is that it would be white! :D Of course I'm also searching for quality and functionality, and that I
wouldn't need to purchase yet another one in few years. We'll see what happens, and I'll probably keep
you updated here too. It's been 1-2 years since I first started to talk about new camera here,
 but still haven't got it ..Slowly but steady I guess. And hey, of course there has been some good
times during the day. Like whenever I was eating something, haha. And Samuli brought us some candy,
super salty-sweet liquorice candy called Turkin pippuri, "Turkish pepper"! They're one of my favorites,
and I bet all of you out there would just hate them. Truth to be told, I've been feeling a bit tired lately
and that's mainly because it's been so dark and dull outside - the usual complaint. But also because
we've stayed up too late watching Dexter ..It's become like a "tradition" for me and Samuli lately.
If there's nothing else on TV we turn on Netflix and continue following the murderous life
of Dexter Morgan & co. And we tend to watch episode after another and another
until it's 3 a.m. Not such a wise thing to do but we're seriously hooked !


  1. Sounds great doll, am glad you had a great time. I hope you will your friend tomorrow too. I love Dexter, am sad it is over now...it was a fantastic show!! Have a wonderful weekend xx

    1. Thank you Doll! We had a lovely day, going for coffee & cupcakes and shopping.. :)
      Aww we just started watching it on Netflix, season 2 atm.. We have tons of episodes to see ;)

  2. Lovely blog, let me know if you'd like to follow each other? x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter

    1. Hey Freya! Thanks for stopping by. Will visit back.

  3. woow, all of these look so good, I hate that ELF doesn't ship to my country, at least I think they don't.


    1. Hey Laura! :) (Already wrote back:)

  4. i love ELF! such a great brand!


    1. Thanks Idalia! :) I think so too, so happy to get some of their items soon x

  5. You are going to love Candid Coral - it's my favourite blush! I love your blog header xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Aww thanks Gemma! :) I hope I'll love it as much as you. I've been looking for coral shades. :)

  6. well, I know e.l.f has been super popular among Estonian beauty bloggers but to be honest I don't trust too cheap beauty products and well, you know I can't order from foreign online stores anyway, hehe ;) still I'm curious how will you feel about all those products.
    by the way, I have had an Olympus DSLR camera since 2009 and I'm still happy with it, after almost 5 years have passed :) so it's nice that you're considering Olympus. and good luck with finding the right laptop too, Satu! I should also search for one since the one I bought in 2009 was not new. it's actually more than 5 years old, I think. quite old, I know :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

    1. Aww, too bad to hear. Although my experiences have been only good with e.l.f. :)

  7. love elf so much. Can we follow each other? Let me know
    New Post
    Fashion Talks

    1. Thanks for the comment Sandy! x Will visit you now.