December 10, 2013

Everybody Deserves Gifts.
Start with Yourself.

How is everyones "Christmas planning, decorating and finding gifts" -situation? 

Decorations. We have new (thrifted) burgundy curtains on the kitchen window, and some white decorative balls hung over it. Bedroom has white curtain so I placed lilac balls there. I've had these decorations for 6 years - they're adorable and I don't need new decorations every year. I just change the way I portray everything around the home. This time they're window decorations, since we don't have a tree. Actually never had one in my own home. I managed to photograph my cleaned & improved vanity during today's sunny minutes (and I must admit I spent few extra hours in bed today since last night we stayed up until 3 am or so, watching some Haven-episodes on Netflix and had glög & gingerbreads and candy.)
You can see my desk/vanity and kitchen on Instagram hereAnd the gifts. I can't share the things I've found just yet - someone might me reading! But I can tell you this: I found tons of stuff for only 50 euros from Fragrance Direct and the package arrived today! It felt like Christmas for me.. Although all of the gifts weren't meant for me, hehe! There was some lipsticks, eye shadows, couple gift sets.. Bargain I say. And everything seems very good quality (Calvin Klein, Astor ..) I strongly recommend you check them out at (This is not a sponsored ad by the way :D) Too bad they can't ship perfumes or nail polishes overseas, otherwise my haul would include loads of edt:s and Essies for me and all others ! Seriously, those prices are ridiculous.

But rest of this post isn't very Christmas'y at all.. Except the part that this scent was a really early x-mas present for myself! I was dreaming about it since it came available (last year?), but here it finally is: 
my very own black perfume.

"Lady Gaga's first signature scent is as surprisingly sophisticated 
as the creator herself. Fame is the World's very first black perfume, but the fluid changes 
to transparent when it's in touch with the skin. You can sense the tears of belladonna, 
crushed heart of tiger lily and the white glow of peony's leaves in this floral-fruity scent. 
Don't be afraid to be what you want!"

{ Klikkaa alta, niin näkyy pätkä myös suomeksi :}

FIN: Löysin itselleni Sokokselta aikaisena joululahjana Lady Gagan Fame-parfyymin, josta haaveilin jo viime vuonna. Kyseinen hajuvesihän on maailman ensimmäinen musta parfyymi, mikä vain lisäsi tämän syvän kukkaistuoksun viehätysvoimaa entisestään. Se oli pakko saada käsiini. Löydät tuoksun Sokoksen nettikaupasta tämän linkin kautta, hinta 48€. Tuoksusta löytyy tällä hetkellä myös lahjapakkaus, joka sisältää 30ml edp, suihkugeelin ja vartalovoiteen (75ml). Tämä paketti on kyllä tosi edullinen, n.37€! Täydellinen lahjaidea naiselle, joka on rohkeasti naisellinen "with a twist". Kannattaa muutenkin käydä kurkkimassa Sokoksen JOULU-osasto, oijoi..^^ Liitän tähän tuoksun tuotetiedoista löytyneen tekstin, se on mielestäni todella osuva:

"Lady Gagan ensimmäinen nimikkotuoksu on yhtä yllättävän hienostunut 
kuin tuoksun luoja itsekin. Fame on maailman ensimmäinen musta parfyymi, 
jonka musta neste muuttuu läpinäkyväksi kun se on kosketuksissa ihoon. 
Kukkaishedelmäisessä tuoksussa voi aistia myrkkykoison kyyneleitä, 
tiikeriorkidean murskatun sydämen ja pionin terälehtien valkoisen hehkun. 
Älä pelkää olla sitä mitä haluat olla!"

 Hair flower - Glitter

Have you bought gifts for yourself this year, or are you planning to? Since we have this deal among family members that we're not supposed to buy each other anything for Christmas (except for the small children) I'm not really expecting to get any of my material wishes for Christmas. :) So, I decided to get them, one by one, myself. Maybe not all of them by Christmas, but during the year 2014 and the one after that and.. Slowly and steadily I will build:

my dream wardrobe (I'm missing the perfect pair of jeans, burgundy bag),
bookshelf that's the size of a library (I wish for loads of old books, like in these pics),
make up vanity fit for princess days (I'm using my old desk, which isn't very pretty),
and well edited, enhanced jewelry storage (after all, I work at a jewelry boutique.
So what can you expect - me not buying there anything? No way! :D


  1. Ihana postaus! :) Mulla ois yks tuoksu jonka haluisin hulluna, se katy perryn killer queen!

    1. Oo, en olekaan sitä vielä tuoksutellut .. Omalla toivelistalla on esim.YSL Manifesto ;)

  2. Hey you. I hope your are fine. I give myself the possibility to do only thinks I want to do. If its's possible. I hate pressure and forces. I want to feel free.
    Have a good time

  3. Really wonderful, I think this perfume actually smells better than I thought it would. It's really lovely xx

    1. It sure does. :) I thought it would be "tasteless" or something.. But really lovely actually ^^

  4. I always enjoy reading your posts, Satu :) when it comes to presents we already have quite a lot at home waiting for Christmas time. I've bought three things for my fiance so far for example and I made a calendar (2014) for my parents, using some rather old photos. I must still think what to give to my grandparents. right now I have no idea. so yeah, things are moving, I can say. plus we have decorated some of the rooms on the first floor (the second floor reminds me of a storage place right now because we are renovating our bedroom).
    by the way, when it comes to perfumes I guess I haven't tried this one (or maybe I have but don't remember) but mom brought me Elie Saab's perfume and I bought one from Oriflame so in this department things are also moving ;) anyway, I hope you're doing well and those dreams are coming true already soon :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

    1. Thank you so much Maiken! I enjoy reading your posts too, and really love your comments on mine as well :) You're the best.

      Aww your Christmas gift situation sounds nice ;) I'm all done here too, except going to find some toys for nephews and little bro from Stockholm I think .. Yeah haven't even mentioned here that wer're going away for Christmas, for a little cruise overseas... ^^ Hehe.

      xx loads of hugs.

  5. Great!!! Love Lady Gaga parfum!!!

  6. Replies
    1. It sure is. And turns see through on skin. :) Was afraid it was going to stain, but it's fine :D

  7. Thats so true. We should buy ourselves gifts too, i always fail to forget that..

    1. :) I sure remembered it this year! This wasn't the only thing I got hehe.. x