January 30, 2014

Dior me, Dior me not

Cinq Couleurs 

Today I want to share something luxurious from the beauty department, these beauties have waited long enough for me to share them here. You might think I've turned rich somehow but sadly no - these palettes / 5 Couleurs / are from clearance sale. Next door to my workplace used to be Kicks beauty store, and I made quite big haul from their Dior make up section before they ended business. Sad to see them go but I still have department stores and online (like Fragrance Direct, e.l.f).
Sale was -50% and on top of that "take three pay for two" discount, so I could afford all three of these palettes, since it was only somewhere around 70 euros - normally one would cost about that! Happy girls are the prettiest, right? And I haven't even bared to use these yet, the surface of the first one especially is so adorable. That's one of my "Talon d'Achille" / "Achilles heel": visually appealing details. :)

Chérie Bow Edition
724 Rose Ballerine

All-in-one artistry palette base, 3 colours and liner
208 Navy Design

 5 Couleurs Lift
Wide-eyed & radiant effect
Serum enriched primer & eye shadows
842 Lifting Rose

I hope you got a good picture of these based on my photos. Light was very cold and at some point reflected on the eye shadows, but I didn't want to enhance these or add too much warmth or the colours would seem unrealistic. It's always wise to make an image search for swatches before making decision on make up products. I use that technique myself a lot, and try to show sample on my skin / swatches on my blog too. But I didn't want to use these palettes just yet and "destroy" them for just some swatch images, which anyone can look up online. Especially since I'm just a beginner when it comes to beauty posts and just slowly learning how to use colours on my eyes. :)

Lately my focus on this blog has been surrounding around cosmetics, I really hope you don't mind - or ditch me. I'm still planning to be a lifestyle/fashion blogger and post outfit photos, but for now I'm sticking with what I'm most comfortable with. That comfort zone does not include showcasing my full body in shots so I hope there's understanding viewers out there. I have found some beautiful party wear and casual clothing, jewelry from jewelry & accessory store and my workplace Glitter's huge sales, as well as many items to beautify our mixed and matched home. I haven't had time to photograph everything, and as a matter of fact our home is currently in a state of chaos to take any decent interior inspiration images. I have shown my nightstand and vanity but all of these spaces have changed since I've cleaned up again :D Well they do say that order requires a little bit of chaos first, and by this chaos I mean my spring cleaning project that has lasted since previous spring. I've gone through my closet, jewelry collection and kitchen cabinets, taking out everything I don't need and these end up in my thrift store pile & cardboard boxes situating comfortably in the living room corner - yeah not very pretty. I've been selling loads and loads already, but somehow I keep on finding more things to get rid of and the mountain of unwanted stuff wont shrink. This might also have something to do with that I constantly find more suitable items to displace "not my style anymore"-items. Change is good, and I can't wait to achieve my dream home (incl. all rooms but also inside the closet, jewelry table, make up storage ..) So I guess I can handle this tiny chaos until then x fingers crossed x

January 21, 2014

New In:
Rosegal - Gems ♥

You might have noticed that there's been some major changes around my blog during past few months. 
Well I like to adjust bits and pieces every once in a while, whenever I get bored of something here. 
But now I've been updating both the visual appearance and sponsors of my blog almost completely. There's still both international and Finnish ads, all reflecting my personal taste and showcasing some of my own favourite shops (plus magazines I love to read, those ads and special deals are Finnish). I've also tried to add my favourite blogs among them under "Inspiration"-headline, but those aren't nearly the only ones I love. There's just too many blogs I follow that my whole sidebar would be full of them, or whole site really :D Anyway, I really hope there's at least some intriguing enough for you to make a visit, since these all really wonderful sites and stores!

Few of my sponsors are product review -kind of sponsorships, just like the one I'm featuring today. 
I was contacted by a really lovely online shop Rosegal last month, and this weekend I got my pretty little package♥ I know what you think - this girl has plenty of jewelry already. I just couldn't resist these two beauties since I adore all things deer and my newest passion is statement necklaces.

Full name: Romantic Faux Crystal Leaf Embellished Light-Colored Faux Gemstone Alloy Necklace

 Retro Elk Shape Alloy Necklace

I got a little carried away with taking photos of myself hahaha. FINALLY there's been light, and I was able to take tons of photos today. Then I couldn't decide which to keep and publish .. So here's a whole bunch! 

The romantic necklace is shown with two different tops, first with burgundy lace blouse (KappAhl) 
and at end of the post you'll find photos of it with grey wrap dress (new, H&M sale).
So roll down and let me know what you think of these pieces ..and my new hair ;)



"Merci" sweater - Lindex

Noticed my hair? Yeah I put some highlights and now it's kind of ginger light brown. I do love it, with highlight here and there, but I will have to dye it again this week since my natural colour (uggly brownish grey = normal Finnish shade) is starting to show .. How come my hair wont seem a lot longer too? :D
 Hopefully I'll manage to achieve some lovely ombré - look to it, with brown and blonde shades.


In these photos my hair looks the closest to natural as I could show you. :)

Make up of today has been just this, one of my new Calvin Klein lipsticks "Cosmopolitan", and some pink blush on the cheeks. This is a really delicious raspberry pink shade, and feels very lovely and creamy on the lips - quite kiss-proof too :P Although I would add Lipcote or some other product (like loose powder or something) to make it more smudge proof throughout the day / night.

from Fragrance Direct

January 17, 2014

Feel of Summer

Yeah I know it's winter and this subject isn't very relative to the current weather of Europe, but it's summer somewhere around the World right now! And I wanted to show you this beauty item at last, photos have been sitting in my archives long enough. This is Honey Bronze shimmering dry oil by The Body Shop. I absolutely love the soft texture of it, the delicate scent and feel of summer it leaves on my skin. Little bit of glow, little bit of tan. Amazing product! Of course it can be used even now, there's parties after all. Hint of this on decoltée or shoulders and you're good to know. (20€)

January 15, 2014

Sweet Dreaming with Golden Lining

I think I've done so many beauty posts in a row lately, that it was about time to show you something completely different. Well this includes something beautiful too, but no make up related. These photos are taken in our bedroom, representing some items on my night table. The table itself doesn't really show here, it's a small wooden vintage drawer. I used to have it as dressing table/vanity, but it wasn't high enough to sit in front of (like the desk I'm using now). I actually had books under the legs, but in a long run that just didn't work out. Now it's my nightstand instead, stuffed with books inside and covered with other beautiful things I love.

retro radio / wood box & big white jewelry box / gold rings / pearl necklaces / plastic bird brooch / golden seashell / picture of me & little sister / book gift from friend / glass ball lamp

{ that's me on the right. :}

January 6, 2014


As I told before, flu has forced me to stay at home all week and quite frankly I'm done with playing a couch potato and watching TV and Netflix all day. I haven't got fever anymore but voice isn't back yet and I get these aching cough attacks which lead to vomiting. Lovely. But besides that I'm starting to feel more ill and depressed about the fact that I've been so inactive for the whole year, six days of it to be exact. So my laptop has been switched on, and it's been running for two days now - and I do consider that as an improvement. I'm a nerd. And because of this so called improvement in my daily activities at home, I have a new "easy breezy", a bit sea-themed blog layout! Do you like it? And on top of that I must count all my other activity around the web; I haven't visited this many blogs in a long time. But I haven't been surfing around blogs exclusively. There's also some been some online boutiques, where I've been searching for inspiration for home - turquoise and/or chevron pieces. With a lack of nice towels & other stuff (and in desperate need of a little pick-me-up) I made H&M Home order last night! Oh almost forgot, since our house gets new windows during this week I was forced to clear out wide area in front of every window of this house. Might sound easy but you haven't seen our home, there's furniture and random stuff everywhere. Plus this f*ing cold I have. I'm sweating like a pig now due all the "heavy lifting"! I really should be proud of myself after all the activities lately, and give myself a medal or something. And, I even got couple DIY ideas when finally had the energy to wash my hair! Cleaner the head, better the ideas. I want to make a kimono jacket and paint two rusted lanterns on our balcony. Goood girl.

Here's my picks. Can't wait to receive them already x

Those chevron pillowcases were only 3€ so I took two of them in turquoise-white.
Would have gotten in every colour choice but the limit was two pieces, boo. :)
There's also towels, bathroom carpet, candles and Jack Rabbit-mug.