February 18, 2014

Been Locked Inside Your Heart-Shaped Box

Well these aint heart-shaped things I'm about to show you today, but I do LOVE them a lot - so in my opinion that gives qualification for the title of this post (thank you for borrowing some lyrics, Cobain.)

I'm so glad I've gained some new friends here lately! But I hope you all follow me on Instagram too, since I post random things about beauty, food, fashion etc. there way more often than will ever have the time to post here! :) You can find me here or by clicking on the link on my sidebar, under the Instagram feed. What I'm showing today is my new and improved make up storage. Some time ago I bought glass and acrylic cups for my beauty products and brushes from thrift store and clearance sale of one local store. Those glass cups have recently moved to kitchen (where they belong in most homes) and been replaced by two acrylic drawers. They're already almost full of lipsticks and eyeliners hehe. So I guess I could say I've hopped on board with the "beauty blogger bandwagon", everybody has cases similar to these! Mine aren't from ebay (would have to wait a month for them to arrive, if they would at all) or some expensive online retailer (I've seen similar with a lot uglier handles sold for prices like 50-100 euros, just ridiculous). Instead I found these from local cheap home decor store for 10 eur /piece. Yippiee!

on top: Lip shade orchid, empty L'Air du Temps (mum's), H&M body sprays 
and Panos Emporio Gold Flower I got from my friend for Christmas ♥

crown jewels of my lippies; Lancome & YSL
also two Dzintary lipsticks from Latvia

  I need to move this ring tray & watches somewhere else .. 

You can't really tell from this photo what the content of the bottom drawer is,
 but those are my Dior eye shadow palettes - still in their velvet pouches.
On top: H&M body spray, perfumes by Make Up Store, Britney Spears and Yves Rocher

acrylic cups for brushes & stuff

  my new deer necklace (from Rosegal, featured here)

Noticed the white cat and kitten? They're from my childhood, and I don't even know how old they are
(both have faced some damages, kitten has been glued together and mummy has lost her furry collar) and who they originally belong to. I'm so glad I'm such a little hamster that I've kept them save this long, though. I've been loving white interior details a lot lately and also looking for inexpensive porcelain animal figurines from thrift stores. 

I've placed pink ribbon on the "mum cat's" neck to cover the place where her furry collar used to be
 ..at least I think so, since I've seen similar figurines with that detail. :)

Miss Dior ♥