February 21, 2014

It's Christmas Time, Right?

Forgive me, my rude attempt on being funny. But it DID feel like Christmas the other day when finally, after 28 days of waiting, I received my latest order from Fragrance Direct (Well, if you're from UK or nearby you've got nothing to worry about, you're going to get your package a lot quicker than me ;) Happy happy girl! With a minor heart attack too, since the post man woke us up ... I've featured this online store here multiple times before and you should check out all of my posts by clicking on this tag "fragrance direct" to get the whole wide picture. And you can ask me anything about ordering, since I'm becoming kind of an expert haha. I've only known the site for under two years and it got me hooked straight away. Even though it takes a lot longer to receive all the goodies than going to your nearby cosmetics boutique/department store, I can truly recommend this site to all Europeans since the prices are incredible. And who doesn't love a good bargain - especially when there's something special you need/want.

Well let's get down to business then shall we, meaning what I got for this "early spring Christmas". Or late Valentine's Day gifts. Or early birthday present! Yeah next month I'll reach the golden & famous age of 27. I wonder if I'll end up like all those stars .. Nothing to worry about though, I'm not famous so I wont be dying like one x fingers crossed x And if nothing I said in those last 3 sentences made sense to you, sorry we can't be friends. You must know Cobain, Joplin, Hendrix, Morrison.. or else!

I'll divide the haul into multiple posts since there's going to be swatches ..don't want to make single post too picture heavy. So this is post nro 1.
" The Haul "

This was the sight over our bed when I opened the box, including Police-gift set for my bf.
And here's picture of my items alone:

NYC Cosmetics
3 eyeshadows

 This lovely shade was damaged but I fixed it (take a look at my Instagram to see instruction how! ;)
There's picture of the damaged item at the bottom of this post, too. 1/3 of it was smashed..

Astor Cosmetics
3 liptints

 shade 2. Berry nude - 1.Coral nude - 3. Berry Bloom

Calvin Klein & Revlon
lipstick and 2 nailpolish

And this is how my box looked like. Nice. :D A bit unexpected, thanks postal system!!

 ..and other battle scars that I'll tell more in the next post:

 hehe and here's my hand after all the swatches I made! :D


  1. This is a lot of great things, love every bit!! The postal system is terrible really, I get boxes that are torn and broken as well, it really annoys me as it doesn't take much to put a box in a truck. They do get paid a good wage really. People don't pay high postage costs for things to turn up like that! But, least the inside was ok :) Have a sweet weekend doll xx

    1. Thanks Kit! ^^

      Yeah I know, this wasn't the first time I've wondered whether there's anything still okay inside. :D But first time from FD this happened - and it's not their fault! :) That's why I'm not going to ask for any refunds (cheap items too). :)
      I guess at some point it's wiser to use courier service, at least they care about what they deliver.

  2. This sure looks like Christmas again!
    You got so many things!!!

    1. Hehe, thanks Adeola! It sure felt like it and still does, since I have so much to try (like shampoo, body scrub, some lipsticks ..)

  3. Hi dear I like your blog and I'm your new follower =)
    please follow my blog too..


    1. Hi Irenne ! Thank you so much for the compliment. I don't always do those "follow for follows" but I will visit your blog now and we'll see .. ;) xx

  4. I really love your blog! Would you like to follow each other? Let me know <3

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment, nice to hear :) I will visit you back - I follow blogs I want to ;) xx

  5. So pretty make up products. *___*
    Lovely greets Vanessa

    1. I'm so happy for everything i got! :) Would love to make another purchase soon but I better use at least some these first hehe. x

  6. Ooh, love the lipstick colors, especially the nude/ peach shade.

    And thanks so much for your sweet comment! I appreciate the sincerity :)
    I enjoy your blog as well and following you on gfc !


    1. Thanks Emma! :) I do love it myself, just have to get my lips in better condition to showcase it better .. :>

      You're very welcome dear ! Will visit you again asap xx

  7. Lovely blog! :-)
    would we follow each other on gfc and bloglovin? Maybe also on Instagram and twitter (widget on my blog), what do you mean? Regards from germany ☻
    .•. My Beauty Blog .•.
    Let me know :)

    1. Hi Isa!
      Thank you for the nice comment. :)

  8. wow, poor package and poor goodies that got damaged. I guess that has something to do with the long 28 days. and that's why I don't order beauty stuff from foreign countries, to be honest. but anyway, that's a lot of goodies, again! :D really, you must be crazy about those beauty goodies, hehe. and I'm so super curious how many lippies, eye shadows etc. do you own in your huge collection :P definitely make a post about it one day!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

    1. Indeed. I'm just really glad I got everything and all the things that were damaged, were salvageable :) I guess my package has travelled all around Europe before arriving here, haha :D

      That's a really nice idea actually! I have to keep that one in mind. (Just like all my jewelry, etc.) Some day I hope I have the time & energy - since I'd love to show swatches too and not just cases of make up products. :)

  9. :O!!!!! oh my gosh,what a parcel of goodies? gosh that would make my day reciveing this,but the damage to your parcel :( what a pain I can see now how your lipsticks got damaged and your eyeshadow :/ but I love those nail polishes,I love revlons polishes plus the bottle is a nice big size,I have a mini collection growing like this :D I look forward to seeing all your posts from this package you recieved,must be fun with so many things to try out/swatch and blog about :) Take care x :) and hope your having a lovely weekend x

    1. I waited for this package to arrive for soooo long so it felt like a birthday and Christmas all at once when finally receiving it! ^^ Yeah too bad it had gone through some rough handling on the way but main point was that my perfume stayed okay & most part of the beauty products too. Nothing was damaged too badly, eye shadows are so fragile so I expected at least some to be broken. Gladly I know how to fix them ;)

      Yeah I love the big Revlon polish bottles too, these are very light sparkly shades that can be used as top coat for almost anything so I love the versatility that comes within.^^
      Nice that you liked this and there has been some posts already, at least one still coming up ! :)