March 28, 2014

HAUL: Beauty Bargains

My recent #beauty buys .. and something beautiful, too. It's my dream necklace from Glitter - stunning isn't she? ♥ Will show you more pics next time, so this post wont be never ending one. Today I'm focusing on the cosmetics department of my latest finds instead. 

Oh well well, I'm seeing a colour theme here! Pink is one of those colours that come and go in my life. 
At some point it was way too girly for me to wear, or even to have any stuff in pink tone! Mind of a teenager works in mysterious ways ..Or speaking of today, mind of a minimally obsessive-compulsive adult with daily changing and evolving style. That's me, constant process. :) On the other hand, I used to love lime green seven or eight years ago, and even wished for plates and mugs in that shade, but now I can't really stand it at all! What's up with that. I suppose I've got sections in my life like Picasso with his blue period and such. 
I do have a little artistic bone in my body, after all.

Make up brush set - 2€
Adorable ones ! Might have to buy more...
Klippoteket dry shampoo (LOVE it!) - 4€

Make up from Seppälä, all -50%

Nail products! 

Can you believe I've never tried fake nails, ever. My mum had a set once when I was 10 or something, and I think I borrowed (stole :D) it from her but never got to wear those before the glue dried. But there's a first try for everything I guess, seventeen years later. It says that these are pre-glued nails, so I suppose it helps a bit. I can't afford gel nails at this point (and the thought of maintaining them sounds too demanding), so my own teeny tiny nails and something like these acrylic, temporary ones will have to do for now. And who could resist cute set of pink roses like these? They were only 1€, yay!

I still remember like it was yesterday when this brand arrived in our local department store. 
It was perfect for my early-teen wallet and everything also looked really nice and fresh compared to adults make up. I'm not sure when they stopped selling it, I suppose while I switched to "all grown up" -brands, but clothing store Seppälä still had it widely represented in their cosmetics section. That's where I spotted these beauties actually, and these are the two items I absolutely fell in love at the store! Apparently they have pulled out the whole brand from the store now..? I wish they would have gotten even more Wet 'n Wild -products in sale, but these were about the only items available. Few years ago I ordered couple of their products from Nelly, but I gave the loose mineral powder to a friend of mine and the other was a bronzing powder with a lot of sparkles (which I've only recently fallen for, the bigger the better - the sparklier the more I love) and I think it will be perfect product for me this summer!

I might have found the perfect pink tone for me. It has a little bit of coldness / blue in it and in my opinion it looks very nice next to my pale skin and green eyes. This lipstick is also very moisturising and it's really convenient one to ably - it's so creamy soft mmyum. But that's also the downside of this - it doesn't last on your lips. After applying the lipcolour I started cleaning my jewelry corner and around the time I was done (couple hours) the lipcolour had gone. Well at least it disappeared completely and didn't leave a weird ring on my lips, haha!

Now I must comment that my skin has improved a lot in short amount of time. I don't have any make up on other than the lipstick. I believe the improvement in my skintone has something (read: a LOT) to do with face cream I got from Anna Ruth's Simple Salves for testing. Did you read my post about her products yet? If not, take a look straight away.

Light fools a bit, this is a bit darker tone than the upper photo shows.

I'm not sure how I feel about this palette yet.. The gold tone is just delightful and perfect for me, that's what I'm sure about, but what will I do with those others. That dark brown is so overpowering, even though it has lovely gold shimmerr, that I wont be able to use it on my eyelids - not other than as a eyeliner. And the pink is just a really cute one, not sure how it will look on me personally. If I try these out I'll post new images then. But so far, based on this #swatch I have mixed emotions whether this was a miss-step or not.. Obviously all the colours and products in the World can't suit everyone ;)

Pus xx

March 26, 2014

Nude Pinks & Denim Blues

I've got so much in store to post, most topics beauty related (I hope you like! :) You might have already seen the majority of these upcoming images on my Instagram (or should I say one pic or collage per topic). In case you've also got an account follow me there easily by clicking the link on sidebar. And yeah, I know I'm not up to date with my blog posts. But you wouldn't probably even know if I didn't mention it hehe! So no apologies this time, since this is after all my very own little sandbox and I will post here whenever it suits my schedule * wink * If I didn't have a job and life I would post all day everyday! I do love blogging, somehow Instagram just has seemed easier and quicker for me lately. So you better follow me there to stay updated in due time. But today I've got one "face of the day" and "outfit of the day" for you.

NYC eyeshadows
Body Collection lipstick "Melba"
black eyeliner - Gina Tricot cosmetics line

all jewelry & watch - Glitter
pink blouse - Reserved
blue jeans - Gina Tricot

I kept this look very light and suitable for daytime use. Black eyeliner is a must for me these days, and the one I have now has lasted for a really long time - at least a year already. NYC mono eye shadows were a bit broken when I received them, but that didn't bother me since I know how to fix them. The one that's really shiny looking is my favorite at the moment. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I fixed it with alcohol and the texture improved. I'm also loving this lipstick, although I'm also falling for really bright fuchsia pinks with a hint of coldness/blue. Will definitely show you some of those soon as well.

Now I would like to know if there's anything you would like to see more here? I choose the topics myself, obviously and also showcase the kind of only shops I personally shop at / love / want to promote e.g. small businesses.. but tips are always welcome. I hope you're having a lovely week so far, talk to you soon xx

March 19, 2014

Styling, coffee & shopping dreaming

Lately my blog has been all about beauty and such. Today I've got something completely different to post, mostly about fashion. There's even an outfit of the day, yayy it's been a while! Actually I've got some a bit older photos from my folders to show you. These are from my trip to few hours of styling class with my co-workers, but there just haven't been a proper time to post these before { aka I forgot } First we fetched coffees from nearby Coffee House, mine was peppermint chocolate latte { Marianne} Mmm! Then we started doing fun assignments with colleagues around Finland, with the jewelry and accessories all of us had brought from our own workplaces.
hat - H&M
oxblood blazer - H&M
Be Classy t-shirt - Seppälä
jewelry - Glitter

 changing room selfie :D

After the course was finished and we went back home by train, one co-worker of mine and I went shopping to H&M. I don't have photos of the things I bought that day, but here's some items I still think about purchasing.. My cousin had a baby girl on Monday { ♥ } and I started thinking about getting something like these two pieces for her (well when she grows up a bit). There's all kinds of adorable clothes for small princesses available, and I'm very glad it's a girl so I can start pampering her! I'm not her aunt or anything but my cousin is one of my closest friends so I have a slight feeling "Satu-täti" will spoil her. ^^ I have only nephews and little brother, and it's not equally fun to shop for boys hehe.

 And the last boots on me are from local KooKenkä shoe store, can't remember the brand or the price of them - but I think they're really edgy and wanted to show you those too! And all of these images are from the same day, so it felt only suitable to finish with some dreams ..

Pretty cool, huh ? I had forgotten all about these but now I'm reconsidering <3 p="">

March 13, 2014

Natural Beauty

I have a confession to make: I'm not the most conscientious when it comes to taking care 
of the biggest organ of my body. My skin - it has gone through "some" neglect over these past years, 
like sunbathing without proper sun blocks all the time, frostbites, not washing my make up every night, eating whatever I crave for and then trying to squeeze those pimples  ..The usual sins. So you can imagine my delight when I was contacted by one really lovely lady, Anna Woodrum. She has her own store on called Anna Ruth's Simple Salves, selling variety of body balms, salves, creams, lip balms - all from natural components and hand made by herself. I'm a fan already! I was so happy when Anna wanted to send me some of her products for testing. Actually, I thought she might pick one or two treats for my evermore dry lips and wintry desert looking hands. So you can probably believe how amazed I was when I got to open my package: it was full of all kinds of treats, incl. five jars, a lip balm and heart shaped lotion bar. I'm feeling like a birthday girl, yay! (Which I actually will be next week, March 13. so this was a wonderful gift :) 

My personal budget has also been one of the main reasons I haven't tried any natural beauty products before, and been stuck with some market creams instead - and using even those very randomly as you can figure. But this is not the deal with Anna Ruth's Simple Salves at all, they are really affordable and the prices range between 1,50 and 8 euros! So enough with the excuses: I can afford to take care of my body and with the way it deserves - naturally. There's a lot of variety in her store, and I think you'll find your favorites and the most suitable ones for your own skin along with all the gorgeous scents to pick out from.
At first, let's make a little comparison. Choose between these two:
 A) Some big and well-known brands, asking tens or even hundreds of dollars for their chemically created beauty products. Well here's some info for you: "Many commercial lotions are made with oil and water mixtures, which are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. To stop the bacteria from forming, an anti-bacterial preservative, Methyl-paraben, is added to these mixtures. Parabens are absorbed through the skin and are known to disrupt hormone function, increase reproductive toxicity, and are linked to an increased risk of breast cancer. Parabens are antibacterial which cause skin irritation and are somewhat toxic to cells." 
Do you want to poison yourself, little by little?

B) Anna Ruth's highly impressive natural beauty gifts, using only ingredients that even I can identify by name and feel like are safe to use also internally. (I haven't tasted though ;)

As far as it goes for me, natural beauty care wins 10 - 0 ! 
On top of that, what would be greater feeling than the opportunity of using the same ingredients 
for your skin as you use to cook your lunch or bake with? We should all consider bringing these basics of our kitchen cabinets to skincare routine. Just think of all the money you'll save, unnecessary chemicals you'll avoid consuming and pumping into your system, and the variety of good results you'll immediately feel and see in the mirror. So here's my review little of the first four products I received the other day. :)

Lavender Tea Tree Whipped Body Butter
with Mango & Shea Butter, Beeswax, Jojoba Oil
shop here for 3,70€ (1.7 oz)

I really love the mild scent of this body butter, along with the nutritious ingredients. My elbows and other dry areas don't feel as stretchy as they usually do after shower or freezing outside. Since yesterday was National Women's Day so I gave this as a gift to my mum today. :) Her skin and sense of smell are very sensitive, so I thought this would suit her perfectly. (And I also gave her a rose pocket mirror by Deborah Ballinger)
Here's some info about this product from the shop: Natural Shea Whipped Body Butter is made with Lavender and Tea Tree Essential oils. Tea Tree oil has antiseptic properties that can be used to treat acne. Other ingredients are Jojoba oil Sweet Almond oil Shea butter and beeswax. Rub this thick rich butter on dry areas like elbows knees hands and feet to moisturize and soften skin. 

Lime Ginger Whipped Body Butter
with Jojoba, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Olive Oil and Vitamin E
shop here for 3,70€ (1.7 oz)

The first thing that popped into my head about this product is that I absolutely love the scent! I even applied this on my boyfriend's hip where he has one weird dry spot, and we can already see a nice improvement. I feel this is the perfect multi-purpose cream for me (us) since it absorbs very fast and leaves an amazing, uplifting, fresh scent of ginger on the skin without being too overpowering. (Only "downside" might be that my craving for sushi might increase even more .. :p Luckily it's available in my home town, finally!)

Lavender lip balm
with vitamin E, Beeswax, Essential Oils, Sweet Almond Oil and Shea Butter
shop here for 1,48€

This is a very smoothing and soothing lip balm tube which it easy to carry with you and re-applying throughout the day. I have used some lip balms that you need to put on with your finger, and those are fine but a bit tricky at work for example. So this tube has become a real friend of mine, rescuing my cracking lips whenever I need a savior the most. Lavender is also one of my favorite scents so I feel happy all the time - that's the power of smells right there! ^^

Grapefruit Zing Lotion bar
with Beeswax, Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter and Ginger Essential Oil
shop here for 5,92€ (

Wouldn't this heart-shaped lotion bar just make the most adorable gift for someone special? You should stock up these cuties for next Valentine's and for everyone's birthdays - it's really that delightful little treat. ♥ I suggest you have a plate of jar to place this after every use, since it's lotion and might leave greasy marks on your table - and you don't want any of this to go to waste either since it's simply too good for that :) I can't stop touching my hands after just reapplying this, they feel so smooth and smell so heavenly delicious. I'm also writing on my laptop right now and not making any mess so this is a fast absorbing item too. I did some spying on the site and here's some great extra info about this bar: 
"To smooth and moisturize dry, itchy skin. Rub bar on dry skin to moisturize and revitalize. Grapefruit and Ginger essential oils add a warm citrus scent and awaken the senses. Water not needed. Ginger is used typically for muscle aches, nausea, arthritis, and to treat poor circulation while grapefruit is used in herbal medicine to reduce wrinkles and acne, and also as an anti-depressant. Lotion bar comes in a wax bag to preserve the bar in an Eco-friendly way. Easy to store at home in a soap dish, Tupperware, butter dish, or to use it on the go put it in a plastic baggy and carry it in your purse!"

Here's all of the items I got from Anna:

I borrowed Anna's "about me" -page so she can tell you with her own words
 a little bit more about herself, and the online store full amazing of treats - for both your body and soul.

" I have always been interested in holistic and herbal medicine, so in reading on the subject I stumbled upon some salve making books. The process of making salves and then using essential oils in my salves to heal and remedy ailments seemed so fun and cool! Several books and one week later I started making my own salves. Now I'm a salve maker by day and I work nights at the hospital as a respiratory therapist! I love helping people holistically as well as with western medicine:) Working in a hospital always made me think about the ways we are lacking in our patient care and treatment. Now I feel I am finally helping people on different levels than ever before. I also very much enjoy making products that have a smell that makes me go 'mmmm' and a feel that makes me feel like a pampered princess. I personally use all of my products and I love to use them for everyday, to treat myself, to moisturize, and for healing:))) 

A little about my my non-working life: I have a small mutt rescue doggie named Loly and a cat I call kitty but his real name is Tiger. I have a loving Boyfriend and soul-mate Adam all crammed into a tiny apartment in Oak Park IL just outside of Chicago. Hope you enjoy my Body Products:)

Happy Etsy-ing and I'm looking forward to seeing you in my Shop! "

Anna Ruth Woodrum