April 28, 2014



Thrifted vintage blouse with embellished collar 
Gold watch / Glitter
Body Collection lipstick "Minx" / Fragrance Direct

This is one of my favourite photos of me when I look back in time. Not trying to be selfish, don't get me wrong here. I just think most of my photos are okay or then plain awful. But this makes me smile. I used to love that hair. Long and wavy. Shades of brown and red. 

Every time someone says "You look lovely today" I get a little blush on my cheeks, look a bit over my shoulder with a shy smile and say with sincerity "Thank you". Usually I do not feel pretty at all. But I'm okay and happy. I guess I'm one of those people who have days when they're really comfortable in their own skin, just the way are when they wake up. But sometimes even I need a "little" boost me up to feel more confident to go outside and be seen in public. Especially when going to work, or maybe a date? Little retouches and touch-ups with cosmetics, just to bring out the best features of yourself. I've started to use false eyelashes, but other than that all I do to my appearance are little things really. Fake tan or warpaint are not my scene. 

I've often wondered about the way many girls portray themselves in their blogs or instagram photos.. Since it differs from me quite enormously. You haven't and wont see me showing off my tits in teeny tiny tops or putting on so much make up that even my own mother wouldn't recognize me. And If I make a duckface it's just for fun. I'm not saying this to show that off that I would be any better.. Just different.

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April 4, 2014

Necklace of the Royal Ones

I sincerely believe this necklace carries within the most magical powers. Sparkling fairy dust, whispered enchantments and beautiful woodland nymphs with wild flowers on their hair.
Can you vision it?

I can. I believe in fairy tales.

statement necklace & floral garland / Glitter