September 14, 2014

Window Shopping Wishlist
* edited

I originally posted this little wishlist in April, and after that have actually managed to grab myself some of the pieces. So here's that same post again, with all of your comments below, but I've edited the text a bit. :)

Make Up

There has been a massive change in the way I see make up. I don't shop for need anymore, I collect things to treat myself and try out new and exciting things. Colourful lipsticks are one of those things, especially bright pinks with a hint of blue / coldness and I've been searching for a cute coral tone as well. (And I have never own as much eye shadow palettes in my life!) Here's my luxury picks by YSL from

Pink Pompadour (53,30€)
I've got three Dior 5 Couleurs -palettes but still craving for more - they're absolutely stunning. This has really sweet tones that would suit my green eyes perfectly.. * sigh * So pretty.
EDIT: And now it is mine ! ♥  I can't even believe it .. These are all such amazing tones for my green eyes, and absolutely love the cute bow design of it as well. :)

32 Jealous Coral and Fuchsia Storm (32,50€)
EDIT: Still haven't got these in my hands .. Thought about buying them from Riga during summer, but ended up getting loads of clothes instead hehe! If you follow me on instagram you can see all my purchases from the summer holiday there :)

High-street brands
Love this peachy pink by Rimmel! And I've heard a lot of these L'Oréal Privée -lipcolours and would definitely love to try out myself. I think nude tones will look lovely during summer when my skin has a lovely tan.. Dreaming of the sunny bikini weathers.

EDIT: These are still on my wishlist, although I got another Rimmel lipstick from that has a slightly similar tone.. And I've started to hesitate whether nude pinks suit me, since I'm now becoming more and more blonde. What do you think? 
Makeup Revolution, Iconic 3 palette 
Love it. Colours are very similar to Naked 3, quality obviously isn't ..necessarily. (Available here only £4 wohoo!) This is a piece I'm most excited in receiving, since Urban Decay's palettes are so popular. Spotted this among my instagram - pals and give it a try.. There's just something inside me that stops me from buying nude tone eyeshadows with ridiculous prices like 40 euros or more. (Dior or Chanel would be a totally different case haha ! Those are rare luxuries ..)

EDIT: I've got this palette now and absolutely love it, it's soooo lovely. I use the center copper one the most, I think it's deliciously metallic and suits my green eyes.. Big heart to Makeup Revolution, I've been shopping there few times already haha!


Mango beaded blazer
EDIT: My best friend ended up getting this blazer for herself and I must say it suits her better than me. :) xx

LOVE Rose long sleeve playsuit
LOVE washout print cut out dress 
LOVE cobalt blue dress

LOVE animal print cut out bra top
LOVE Marcella cut out dress 
Rare Fashion Aztec print crop top
Rare Fashion cut out bustier dress
LOVE / Lou Lou In Vogue We Trust

Rare Fashion cream lace skater dress
LOVE printed chiffon playsuit

EDIT: Still dreaming .. And some are sold out by now so I deleted all of the product links from this post. But I will survive, I've got plenty of clothes already, to last a life time or two! :D I'm building myself an improved fall / winter closet so knits, blazers, sweaters welcome xx


  1. That jacket!!! Oh my gosh, love!!! <3 sometimes, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

    1. I know ! Too bad I really can't afford to buy it But my friend has ordered it in size S and XS and I'm hoping to get a chance to try the bigger one, hehe! ^^

  2. The Iconic 3 palette and the white lacy skater dress are my favourites, but everything is pretty!

    I have tagged you in post so you should have a little look, completely upto you whether you do it or not!

    Love always xxxx
    Rebekah @ My Delicate Heart

    1. Thank you Rebekah :) I hope they get more sizes soon, my ultimate favourites were out of stock on my payday so haven't ordered anything! Except that Iconic -palette and much more from Makeup Revolution ;) Can't wait to receive the package already .. ^^

      I would love to check it out but it seems to be deleted ..? Hmm. :)

  3. Stunning choices doll, I can hardly choose one, I like them all. I hope you had a marvellous Easter xx

  4. So much to choose from this list, very nice post!! Just found your blog, we would love if you visit our blog and if you like we can follow each other
    a beautiful maison

    1. hehe, thank you ! I had many wishes in my mind. :) Some of them came true and are on their way to me right now ^^

      Will visit you back now!

  5. those cut-out dresses are pretty cool I have to say! I have none and now I kind of want one, haha. perfect for hot summer days I think. so yeah, must do some searching the next time I shop somewhere ;)
    when it comes to super expensive makeup then that's definitely not my thing since I'm too lazy to wear anything else than mascara anyway :D I don't even remember when was the last time I used some eyeshadows, oops. anyway, haven't heard from you for awhile so I hope all is great with you. enjoy the weekend, Satu!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

    1. I know, I've been searching for the perfect one for ages ! And I'm one of those girls who don't usually buy full priced items, so it's been a long wait to watch for the sales. But now my size is sold out in almost every style, heh. Well world is full of shops! And they might restock, so my search aint over yet. ^^

      Yeah we've been talking about this before. I'm not a huge luxury brand buyer, but if I spot a bargain I've lost my sense :D For example all the things I bought from Kicks sale, take 3 pay for 1 ! :) So three palettes for 60-70 euros didn't seem too bad. It depends, I guess. Dior just is ..DREAMY ♥ And if there's any chance I can afford to buy it I will. Always a clearance price though :P xx

  6. I want everything on your wish list too. Great choices.

    1. hehe! ^^ It's a pretty big list, I hope you make some great finds xx

  7. Hello love! Great pieces!
    Wishing you a happy weekend

    1. Thank you dear! ^^ I hope I'll get some of them, some day .. so far managed to grab the Iconic palette! :D

  8. Aw congrats on your up and coming anniversary,thats so special x
    What a wish list,Ive become the same too,I love to try out new products too,but I only purchase drug store items,so Im not splashing out too much..though even when moneys low I still find a reason why I 'need' these things.. and as for the loreal lipsticks,I have them all apart from Doutzens shade,Im sure I'll buy it soon :D
    The dior shadow is beautiful,I wouldnt want to use it :D
    Fab post x

    1. Ooh I've become the same! Couple years ago I hardly even wore foundation, mascara and powder ! :D haha. Now I'm experimenting more and more everyday - and spending money too. I have only few luxury items but most of my beauty buys are from drugstores/deparment stores, and online like Fragrance Direct. Cheaper the better, especially when I don't have anything specific in mind. :) But I try to make more attention to ingredients of products, like avoid mineral oils and parabens .. just seems that all my favorite pieces have those :o Oh well, I guess a little wont harm as much.

      Oh I don't have any of those Loreal lipsticks, but I'd love to try! Perhaps someday they'll be available in our stores and I can test them. I've made too many poor lipstick buys online, hah :D


  9. Nice wishlist! some great things :)

  10. I think it is very important to treat ourselves now and then. To be honest though, I never had much luck with my dior palette - for some reason I just thought the shadow didn't really work with me, unlike how much I love urban decay shadows. And 3 years! Wow congratulations :) Glad to see you so happy!

    rae of love from berlin

    1. I have to admit that I own three Dior eyeshadow palettes (got them for a price of one) and haven't used any of them.. I'm a fool but I can't bare to "break the surface" :D heh. So I don't have any idea if they're even moneys worth! Thank you so much for the comment and feedback, xxx

  11. Great picks. I want all the make-ups. Haha! The blazer from Mango looks amazing. I love your wishlist. :)