September 15, 2014

New Found Glory:
W7 Cosmetics

It's no secret that I've managed to grow myself into a quite massive hoarder of make up. This wasn't a sudden change from ugly duckling to beauty junkie - it has happened little by little, gradually during the past year or two. Especially during past year, since I've discovered the wonderful world of Instagram (beauty) bloggers and constantly absorb make up ideas and new brands from them. And that's where I've been these past few months, instablogging. The items photographed for this beauty post have been ordered during this past summer from my favourite online beauty store Fragrance Direct and (new find:) Xtras! What's quite amazing about this another British site is that the delivery to Finland is free. I also have to give big thumbs up for their customer service. The reply was very prompt when I emailed them that I had forgotten to apply a discount code at checkout. They were so kind and sent the difference back to my paypal account, yippiee ♥ So I recommend that you order their newsletter asap, since that includes a welcoming discount code. But the prices are quite cheap to begin with! ;)

{ eye liner here and here }

I can't remember exactly how I fell for this brand, W7. I think I just spotted some of their make up on beauty blogs, like Miss Makeup Magpie, and since they're so adorable I wanted to find out more about it. So one day I got this crazy idea to make a haul, including various shades of each product I found appealing to me. As I already mentioned above, I ordered some of these products from FD and some from Xtras. It feels like Christmas when you wait for your package to arrive and when you finally receive it, oh the joy of unpacking. 
(I must look like Gollum, eyes shining and huge grin on my face! "New make up .. My precious!")
And even though there's a bunch here already, I'm not fully convinced if I've got enough of W7 yet, hehe. For my luck - and my bank account's - this beauty brand is very cheap! And by that I don't mean crappy at all. So far I'm loving everything I've got my hands on, plus all the fun designs of the packages are too cute to pass! And even though I'm not a professional, I think the quality beats many brands that I've tried over the years, even some more expensive ones.

I'm not going to fully review all of these pieces in this post, so if you have any questions about them or want to see swatches etc., feel free to comment. I'm happy to help you figure out whether these beauties are right match for you or not xx
I will add links to shops for all products that seem to be currently available.

{ W7 In the Nude, here and here}

Beauty bloggers all around are obsessed with the Urban Decay's Naked3 -eye shadow palette and I have a feeling that even you might have been lusting after it? I haven't got one myself, but would be fun to try out, to see for myself what the fuss is all about! Instead I've got Makeup Revolution Iconic3 with the exactly same tones, and now also W7 In the Nude -natural nudes eye colour palette which cost about 6 euros.