April 20, 2016

There's hell in every Hello and good in every Goodbye.

It's been raining today.

And I realized it's been quite a long while since I last posted anything here. And why today? Well, I had to scan some work related papers with my old computer and printer, so while I was sitting by my retro desk in the kitchen with my dear old laptop, I got the sudden urge to start writing this blog again. This might just be some kind of temporary mental disorder but at least today I felt like writing something. This is My diary after all, so I should be able to do this kind of online/offline -switches back and forth. I do admit Indie by heart did also become a social, inspirational platform aka blog few years back, and there might be someone who is still waiting for me to reply to their comment.. Sorry about that, I truly am.

Years have passed by so quickly. I can't believe it's been 6 years since I first started this, and almost two years since I last posted anything.. Even before that there was months of silent periods because I just didn't have the inspiration to post. If there's one thing in life that's certain, that is change. I'm not sure if Instagram is to blame about this neglect (yes! And you can follow me here) but it has just been a more natural and easier way for me to pour out my thoughts; about home decor, diy-projects, fashion inspiration, food and relationships .. "Quick share micro lifestyle blog", sort of speak. I even finally hid this site couple weeks ago, since after 1,5 years of radio silence I really did think this was the end of Indie by heart - blog. Never say never, I'm back. :)

So, what's up with this girl. In summer 2014 I broke up with my best friend and roommate. You might still find some posts about us here since I haven't deleted anything, yet. And that's it about that subject. Just water under the bridge. .) I have met few guys since but nothing worth mentioning here. It's all in the past now anyways and I can't wait to see what's ahead. I've filled my life with friends, family (my little sister had a baby girl last summer and she is now 9 months old ♥), work, decorating my home. Man what kind of junk I've saved all these years of living on my own (is it really almost 10 years already!? Yup..) and how in hell didn't I notice before! I suppose there's just been other things in my mind than clean, serene home and functional wardrobe.. And because of these new found brains of mine, I won't spend the rest of the day on this computer. I will start taking photos of few things I'm giving away and selling. Facebook fleamarket groups are quite handy, especially for a person like me who's a bit anxious to throw away anything that's not broken. Kinda reflects on all aspects of life, I suppose.

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  1. Welcome back and hope to see more posts from you!