April 12, 2017

Open for Business ♡

My "blogging hobby", which started in 2010, slowly faded away over the course of three years or so, but the burn in my gut remained. I've always had some kind of urge to write (especially in english) and to make even the slightest of difference in this crazy world. I've always wanted to create something, whether it's photographing, painting, or diy-projects at home to make a trash become treasure. Anything creative that suits the moment, because inspiration comes and goes.

As far back as I can remember, I've been interested in environmental subjects and being a more conscious consumer. And when it comes to retail business, with small actions as an individual shopper (and writer, promoter, blogger - whatever you would like to call it) we can all put together make a huge difference in the economy. And our whole environment too, by choosing one wise step more. That is not to only choose a local entrepreneur or other small business, but by checking the labels for ingredients and origins of the products. I've still got lot to learn myself, but small streams joined together ... ;) You know.

That is why I've loved all my previous opportunities to support small business owners, by promoting their products on my old blog posts - and more recently on my personal Instagram account as a regular paying client. I do feel like I've been quite lucky already, when I was able to spread the word about few different etsy.com - stores and was rewarded with some goodies. Anna Ruth Simple Salves offered me whole bunch of natural salves, Ninj & Ninj were kind enough to send me a quirky cute planner "Quit slacking and make shit happen" and DB Illustration / Deborah Panesar all sorts of lovely little woodland creature items from her store. There's also been other sponsored posts and giveaways on this site, but thought I'd only share some highlights now.

So as I've edited this page and hid all my old posts for now, I'm calling out to all small businesses that would like to be featured on my newly refreshed page. I'm very motivated to write again and looking forward to promote your products on my blog and all social platforms. We could even organize a lovely international giveaway together.

"Indie by heart" is a PR friendly site. 
It is open to product reviews, advertisements and hosting giveaways. 

I'm now looking for products and stores to review and preferably new long term sponsors for my site. You will also get ad space on my sidebar. I only work with sponsors that are appropriate and whose site reflect on my personal taste, and suit with the content of my blog. 
Gifts or product samples are very welcome, as they tell a lot more than if I reviewed your page merely based on product pictures. I can also accept monetary compensation.
Contact me via email to discuss more or if you have any questions. 

"Indie by heart" is also open to blog button/link exchanges with fellow bloggers
Then I only make free deals and I also get my link on your site. If you have a question for me, you can email or also 
place comment under any of my blog posts, and I'll get back to you asap. 
Remember to include your blog address or/and email as well.

Thank you x

all contacts via email:


  1. It seems Google Adsense has brought out some new advertising tools recently. I need to look into more details, but it looks like bloggers can run own campaigns utilizing certain space on blog. I'm planing to try this out and will let you know if this is worth it. :)

    1. Oooh sounds great ! I haven't heard of this before .. but seems like a really interesting thing to try out. Hmm currently I'd just love to be able to promote small businesses instead of huge companies - and I think those aren't among google advertisers. (I do have other sponsors, too. But only shops I use myself / love. :) )

  2. Good luck reaching some small business/etsy shops. I have recently fallen back in love with etsy shops.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

    1. Thanks. Oh well, I should search for interesting ones myself I guess. :) Among shops I love & follow I think. But we'll see, this was just a thought I'd love to accomplish here.. Only small business promotions. :)

  3. Hello dear great blog,would you like to follow each other,let me know what you think :)


    1. Thanks Ilda! :) I will visit your blog back now.